Pedestrian Safety

Every school year, teachers and administrators embark on one of the toughest jobs there is. From the first days of school to the final bell ring, the primary concern of the school staff is keeping students safe in and out of the classroom. Many schools have thick handbooks dedicated to safety procedures, emergency drills, and behavioral codes for inside the … Continue reading “School Parking Lot Safety Tips That All Administrators Need To Know”

Traffic Safety

If you’ve never used valet parking before, you likely believe that it’s as easy to do as it is in movies and TV shows, which usually involves someone getting out of the car, tossing their keys to the valet, and strolling into the hotel or restaurant. However, it’s essential to understand that valet parking is much different and can take … Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide On Everything You Need To Know About Valet Parking”

New Technology

Electric scooters are growing in popularity in cities across the United States due to their convenience and ease of use to get around crowded downtown areas. Similar to electric cars, electric scooters are powered by a rechargeable battery and can reach top speeds around 20MPH. This means that business people, tourists, and everyday commuters can travel from home to work … Continue reading “Understanding The 4 Major Points In The Debate Over Electric Scooters”

Parking Blocks

Make Your Garage Part Of Your Home You may not think much of your home’s garage, but did you know that your garage is one of the hardest-working spaces in your home that serves several functions? For example, over 55% of Americans spend 1-2 hours each week in their garage enjoying hobbies and other activities. Not only is your garage … Continue reading “5 Easy & Low-Cost Garage Organizations Ideas That Your Wife Will Love!”

Traffic Awareness

The American Tradition Of Dining Out Eating out has become a staple of the modern American lifestyle. Whether going to the local diner for breakfast with the family after church on Sunday or heading to your favorite wing shop for the Big Game, Americans love coming together at restaurants to celebrate and entertain each other. However, this trend took a … Continue reading “How To Make Restaurant Parking Lot Seating Safer”

Traffic Safety

America’s roads and infrastructure are aging and starting to crumble due to overuse. As more drivers hit the road in the U.S., cities, and states are starting more road construction projects to keep their roads safe and efficient for drivers and pedestrians. While there is a growing need for more road construction projects, states are starting to feel the pinch … Continue reading “7 Safety Tips For Road Construction Work Zones”

Road Design

The United States has over 263.3 million registered vehicles, making it home to the second most amount of vehicles in the world. As more drivers hit our roads, there is growing concern about how more vehicles will impact the safety of pedestrians walking in urban settings. The concern for the safety of property and pedestrians stems from the fact that … Continue reading “3 Ways To Improve Crosswalks In Your Neighborhood”

Safe Driving

Each year more than 56 million children travel from their homes to attend school by walking, biking, and taking the bus. Drivers must take precautions to account for increased traffic and dangers as children return to school.  Roads will become congested during peak times, and school zones have become one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths for school-aged … Continue reading “5 Driving Tips To Remember To Keep School Zones Safe”

Traffic Safety

As more Americans hit the road in personal vehicles, city planners are working to find ways to reduce traffic and improve environmental concerns. Along with promoting public transportation and building more lanes on highways, some municipalities are building HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes) to help drivers arrive faster and safer. HOV lanes have been built across 20 states and account … Continue reading “Green Lighting HOV Lanes: Do They Help Traffic Problems?”


What Are Teen Driving Apps? There applications that you can install on your phone (or your teen’s phone) for almost anything today. From communication to shopping, smartphones have made it easier than ever before to gain quick access to a range of information and solutions. Teen driving apps are merely applications that you install on your teen’s phone to monitor … Continue reading “What Are The Best Apps For Parents With Teen Drivers?”

Pedestrian Safety

What Is Safe Routes To School? Safe Routes to School is an initiative that encourages students to walk, bike and take other active transportation with other students in the community. At the same time, Safe Routes to School also promotes education and other initiatives in the city to create safe environments for students to walk to school instead of having … Continue reading “Why Does Safe Routes To School Matter In Your Community?”

Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars have seen many improvements in recent years in both onboard technologies and the development of friendly policies in many cities. Both of these developments are leading to the public expecting a brighter future with safer roads and more environmentally friendly transportation as our public roads move from human drivers to vehicles driven by autonomous technologies. The most recent … Continue reading “Will Autonomous Cars Spark A New Form Of Road Rage?”

Self Driving Cars

Public Perspective Of Roadway Safety It is no surprise that many drivers are wary of giving up control of a moving vehicle to computers, algorithms, and artificial intelligence even though the NHTSA shows that 94% of auto accidents are due to human error. In 2016 the U.S. DOT reported that we saw 37,461 deaths resulting from traffic accidents. Compared to … Continue reading “How Will Autonomous Cars Change The Insurance Industry?”

Safe Driving

What Is The Zipper Merge? The zipper merge is one way that drivers can merge from one lane to another if they notice a lane closure is coming up. Often times lanes close on highways or city streets due to construction or traffic accidents, and these areas can cause headaches for all drivers on the road. With this merged system, … Continue reading “The Zipper Merge: Could “Impolite” Drivers Be In The Right?”


U.S. drivers are putting in more miles for their daily commutes than ever before, and as more drivers travel on our public roads engineers are using a range of design strategies to reduce accidents and deaths. Transportation experts have found that vehicle interaction at higher speeds and intersections are the leading causes of vehicle damage and fatalities. These factors are … Continue reading “7 Roadway Engineering Design Strategies To Make Roads Safer For Drivers”