Since June is historically one of the busiest months of the year for traffic supplies, we’ve put some our most popular products on sale. Arrow top delineators, JBC black base traffic cones, industrial plastic parking blocks, low profile rubber parking blocks, and interlocking construction barriers.


Warm weather and loosened COVID restrictions have created a high demand for traffic safety supplies. We are here to help with more cones, tubes, parking blocks, speed bumps and barriers in stock than anyone else. This month’s sale items are the TSS rubber parking block, economy solid orange cones, Kishigo Brilliant series vests, economy speed bumps, and Remcon jersey barriers.


 Traffic safety supplies are in high demand all across the country.  As a result, we are increasing inventory on all products at all locations.  If you need traffic safety supplies, we are here to help. April sale items include JBC black base traffic cones, heavy duty rubber speed bumps, channelizers, bollard covers, and Orion 30 minute road flares.

Pedestrian Safety

Intro: The Different Types of Barricades For Projects Construction sites are a dangerous area, and this danger increases whenever a construction project takes place near an active roadway with traffic nearby. As construction projects increase and more drivers hit the road, the use of traffic barricades is more critical than ever before to maximize the safety of construction workers, pedestrians,Read More