5 Easy & Low-Cost Garage Organizations Ideas That Your Wife Will Love!

Make Your Garage Part Of Your Home

You may not think much of your home’s garage, but did you know that your garage is one of the hardest-working spaces in your home that serves several functions? For example, over 55% of Americans spend 1-2 hours each week in their garage enjoying hobbies and other activities. Not only is your garage a place of storage and a place to park your car, but it also accounts for roughly 15% of your home’s overall square footage. Since you likely spend more time in the garage than you think, and your garage represents a large percentage of your home’s overall size, you can gain lots of benefits by completing some simple garage improvements. With Fall and Winter fast approaching, now is the time to make some simple home improvements to your garage to keep your home, belongings, and vehicles safe this year. Let’s take a look at the top 5 developments that you can make in your garage today!

1. Add Epoxy Floor Covering

One of the least expensive and easiest upgrades that you can make to your garage is by adding a fresh layer of epoxy flooring to your concrete floor. While epoxy flooring is cheap and easy to apply, it is the ideal addition to your home’s garage because it adds durability, strength, and eases cleaning to the entire garage area. Traditional concrete garage floors are ugly, kick up dust, and are porous. All of these factors mean that unfinished concrete garage floors make it harder to keep the area safe and clean. You can make your garage easier to clean and maintain by adding a simple layer of epoxy to your garage’s concrete floor. Concrete floors are porous, so they stain easily. You can eliminate staining by cleaning your concrete floors and then drying the floors before applying the epoxy to your garage floors. Once applied, you will find that your garage will have a “finished” look, resist staining, and help prevent cracking in areas with lots of snow and rain!

2. Add A Parking Block For Easy Parking

There is nothing worse for your car or home than having someone accidentally back into your garage walls while parking. Not only will this collision damage your vehicle, but it will also compromise your home’s stability and lead to thousands of dollars in damage. You can prevent this type of situation from occurring by installing a garage car stop. A garage parking block prevents damage to your home and personal belongings by helping drivers position themselves in your garage. When choosing a garage car stop, you should look for one that is easy to install and highly visible. Having a reflective garage parking aid will reduce the chances that someone will trip and fall while walking through the garage. A garage car stop is a perfect addition to any garage, especially if you have a small garage or you have a new driver in the family. You can place your garage parking aid in the perfect place to allow drivers ample room to pull into your garage without hitting the garage’s interior walls or risking the chance of closing the garage door on your vehicle!

3. Install Garage Shelving

Many Americans store their belongings in their garage without thinking about the functionality, security, or safety of the area. The fact is that having an organized garage will help you keep the garage area clutter-free and even help you store more items in the garage without reducing your ability to park your cars in the same space. Open shelving is a great and inexpensive way to set your garage up for success and keep your family’s living area free from unwanted items. If you are like most Americans, then you store regular items like suitcases, bikes, and Christmas decorations in your garage throughout the year. Instead of placing items on the garage floor, you can maximize your space and improve your garage’s functionality by installing simple shelving units. Not only will you be able to store more items in your garage, but you will also be able to find the items quickly. In addition, to a better-looking garage, you will also protect your family’s health by reducing the chances of rodents and other animals from building nests in an unorganized garage space.

4. Use Clear Containers

In the previous point, we looked at setting up shelving units in your garage to store your belongs throughout the year. Once your shelving units are up, you should look at using clear containers with a locking lid. Not only do clear containers make it easier for you to find what you are looking for quickly, but the containers will all be the same shape and size so you can store all of your belongings in a neat and orderly fashion. Locking plastic containers are ideal for garage storage because they are water-resistant and the locking lids prevent spiders and other critters from living in the area. While cardboard boxes absorb water and allow critters to build a home in your garage, clear plastic containers prevent moistures from ruining your belongings and keep your family safe by preventing critters from building a home in your home.

5. Hang Hand Tools On A New Wall Pegboard

You are well on your way to making your home’s garage a great addition to your home’s living area. Having an organized tool section in your garage can make your life much simpler when you need to find a pair of pliers, a hammer, or any other tools for projects that pop up around your home. Unlike a regular toolbox, your pegboard will show your accessories and tools so you can organize your home’s items as you go. The pegboard can be installed on almost any garage wall, and this pegboard garage improvement reduces the area footprint in your garage because you won’t have to install a cabinet that sticks out and prevents your cars from parking.

Organization Garage Improvements Will Improve Your Home & Family

As Fall and Winter approach, it is time to complete a few simple and inexpensive garage improvements to improve your home. Another way to increase your home’s work area in the garage is by installing a residential heating unit in your garage. This will bring the opportunity to work on projects and other tasks in the garage even when it is cold outside! Better organization and an improved garage layout will help protect your home from collisions, reduce the number of critters from building a nest in your garage, and help protect your belongings from the elements. Use the above garage tips to keep your family safe and healthy this year!