How to Report A Dangerous Driver: Best Apps To Do It Anonymously

top apps for drivers and bike owners

As motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians we all deal with them: The guy who pushes his way into a traffic lane without even glancing; the teenage girl who rolls through an intersection because she’s texting; the middle-aged man who drives his sports car like he’s in a video game.

Do you call 911?

Do the cops even care?

If you’re like most law-abiding citizens, you’re probably not going to file an incident report and then show up in court. You’ll just quietly swallow your anger and accept that reckless driving happens.

Tips for Dealing with an Aggressive Driver

  1. First and foremost, keep your cool.
  2. If they’re tailgating you, change lanes, let them pass, and keep a safe distance (5+ car lengths).
  3. Avoid looking directly at them, and making eye contact.
  4. Ignore any rude gestures they may make, and do not return them.
  5. Dial #77 from your cell phone, or if you feel in danger – dial 911.
  6. If they follow you, proceed to the nearest law enforcement office OR crowded public place.

Apps You Can Use to Report Anonymously

As the saying goes, there’s an app for that. These tools let you document and report or publicly chastise dangerous drivers without giving away your identity – thus switching up the power dynamics and reinstating a little justice on these crazy roads.

There’s an obvious irony here. Using a mobile phone to report a reckless driver can also be an offense.

Please, pull over before using these:

1. Nexar

Nexar is an excellent iPhone app that helps you monitor and record surrounding traffic. To use Nexar, your phone needs to be mounted on the front dashboard of your car. If Nexar notices dangerous driving in the field of view, it will invite you to begin recording.

In situations where Nexar detects an incident like sharp braking or swerving, Nexar will show a pop-up so you can tap and start recording video. Each video session lasts about 30 seconds so you can capture the moments immediately after the incident. The goal of Nexar video recording is to capture the license plate of the offending vehicle, and Nexar is connected to a central database for easy sharing and saving.

The central database allows Nexar to monitor repeat offenders, and help drivers know when dangerous drivers are spotted by the camera. Nexar plans to offer preventative features in the future using GPS and other location services to help drivers know when they could be in danger based on surrounding cars.

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2. Bad Driver Database

Bad Driver Database is an app found on Google Play and the Apple Store that helps drivers voice their frustrations about bad drivers. This app provides a safe and considerate way for safe drivers to express their concerns.

To use the app, a driver simply has to open the app and take a picture of a license plate. Once a driver’s information has been saved, it will be added to the growing online database. You can reference the database to find if the driver has been previously reported so you can proactively avoid specific drivers or areas based on where they have been spotted.

The most recent updates to the app have allowed for voice commands so users can speak the state and license plate instead of relying on typing text.

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3. Sherlock

This last app isn’t for reporting dangerous drivers – but is still an extremely useful piece of technology for preventing theft.

Sherlock is a small, GPS-enabled tracking device is the perfect solution for anyone who owns a bike and takes frequent bike rides around town. Sherlock provides a unique identifier for your bicycle, and it is uniquely connected to your user profile and the bike profile. This means that if your bike is stolen, you can demonstrate that you own the bike once it is found.

Using the GPS location device, you can use your phone as a mobile tracker, so you don’t have to worry about having your bike stolen again. You can put the Sherlock bike tracker in any handlebars you have- from straight to curved bars, so it will fit your bike no matter what kind of bike you own.

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Author: Chris Giarratana

Chris is a Digital Media Strategy Consultant in Orlando, FL who specializes in developing marketing strategies for small businesses, researching emerging technologies, and enjoys studying transportation issues.


  1. ReportDangerousDrivers requires a paid membership for violation reports to be processed: “Your current trial-membership permits the submission of violation reports although these violation reports are not fully processed and are added to our database in a temporary status. Your violation report has been added to our database in a temporary status. This violation report will automatically be removed from our database unless you upgrade your membership at this time.”

    1. I’m sick and tied of bad drivers speeding every day and night in hilton street east bromwich. Cars still speed when the children are playing in the street and they need to be stopped before some one gets hit by any of these cars and what should also happen is a camera and speed bumps put down that will slow them down a lot and a camera. Once caught on camera then they should take a driving test again and given a fine too.


  3. coming out of south queensferry yhis morning a silver dacia duster overtook me in a 30 zone but in front of me a car was trying to turn right he had to slow down but then accellerated past the car turning right befoer the car got to the turn off the road is clearly marked with cheverons and red paint twice the driver has done this the reg number is sc 63 ucs he needsto be warned befroe there is an accident the road in question is the road to kirkliston from south queensferry

    1. Hey Gibson – Seeing your comment we investigated and you’re right, so we gave the post a full update as of December 1st. All apps now listed exist.

  4. My grandmother swerves constantly, slams her breaks on, my grandfather lost his drivers lost his drivers license already and is in the vehicle everywhere my grandmother goes pointing out jet trails, clouds out of state plates, plates that are unique which all of the above takes my grandmothers attention off the road which is extremely dangerous when she cannot stay in a single lane, has side swiped other vehicles causing damage to both vehicles involved does not use ANY of her mirrors which by the way are not even positioned properly. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY GRANDPARENTS and would hate to see the same blow to her ego and self esteem I watched my grandfather suffer when he had to surrender his D.L. I am EXTREMELY concerned about them being injured or even killed by her driving or doing the same to another vehicle or family I do not want to be chastised or exiled from my family for initiating her D.L. being taken away my hope is an officer will get behind her and pull her over after he sees she cannot maintain a lane for more than several seconds as well as her ability to break; my grandfather is consistently slammed into the dashboard I am very distraught&confused as to what to do but SOMETHING MUST BE DONE TO PROTECT THEM AND SOCIETY. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS ADVICE AS TO HOW I CAN PROCEED WITH THIS ISSUE I WOULD LOVE ANY AND ALL INPUT!!! As most of the time I am in the vehicle the apps provided to help in this situation are used to catch drivers in front or around you not a driver you are currently in the vehicle with.

  5. I know Ferguson Plumbing in Quincy MA. A.KA P.V Sullivan Plumbing supply Is allowing a driver make deliveries without their CDL licence . Isn’t that illegal????

  6. For those in the Cypress, TX area please be careful of a white vehicle plates: GK46DD The driver yielded at the median before jumping recklessly in front of my vehicle, almost causing an instant collision. This happened a few blocks from the CVS on North Fry Road in between the local elementary school. The only thing saved me is God and my brakes.


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