Safe Driving

Each year more than 56 million children travel from their homes to attend school by walking, biking, and taking the bus. Drivers must take precautions to account for increased traffic and dangers as children return to school.  Roads will become congested during peak times, and school zones have become one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths for school-aged … Continue reading “5 Driving Tips To Remember To Keep School Zones Safe”

Pedestrian Safety

What Is Safe Routes To School? Safe Routes to School is an initiative that encourages students to walk, bike and take other active transportation with other students in the community. At the same time, Safe Routes to School also promotes education and other initiatives in the city to create safe environments for students to walk to school instead of having … Continue reading “Why Does Safe Routes To School Matter In Your Community?”

Pedestrian Safety

How Safe Are Pedestrians In Local Parking Lots? With the continued migration of populations to urban environments and the ongoing growth of suburbia in the U.S., people are congregating in more dense locations than ever before in history. As populations continue to grow in dense urban locations, pedestrians will be exposed to dangers of vehicles in parking lots. Studies show … Continue reading “Tips For Enhancing Parking Lot Pedestrian Safety”

Distracted Driving

Two years ago, on Halloween, a family from Tulsa, Oklahoma lost their young son before the sun came up.Seven year-old Elijah Rivers left for the school bus that morning with his 12 year-old neighbor, a close family friend.He was excited to show off the brand new costume he was wearing to his second grade class.The driver who struck and killed … Continue reading “Don’t Let Your Child Make This Fatal Mistake On Halloween”

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians and cyclists are much more likely to get hit by a car once the sun goes down. In fact, nearly a third of all pedestrian accidents occur in the three short hour between 8pm and 11pm. The best way to guard against the increased risk, is by using high visibility gear and reflective safety markers. The following simple craft … Continue reading “8 Brilliant Craft Ideas That Help Keep You Safe At Night”