Traffic Safety

Don’t ruin the view. Traffic Safety Products Specifically For the National Park Service The Traffic Safety Store has added several products specifically for use within the National Parks.  Clip-on signs and road side delineators are now available in brown. Roadside Delineators 48″ tall with 12″ x 3″ white reflective panel Includes 24″ ground anchor NTPEP test and MUTCD compliant $58.80 … Continue reading “National Park Products”

Road Design

The United States has over 263.3 million registered vehicles, making it home to the second most amount of vehicles in the world. As more drivers hit our roads, there is growing concern about how more vehicles will impact the safety of pedestrians walking in urban settings. The concern for the safety of property and pedestrians stems from the fact that … Continue reading “3 Ways To Improve Crosswalks In Your Neighborhood”

Road Design

How To Make City Streets Safer With Smart Design As the U.S. continues to see more drivers on the roads than ever before, state and local lawmakers are looking for ways to create safer streets to be enjoyed by all city residents. While many new and innovative safety measures are being implemented throughout urban environments, city planners can look to … Continue reading “Simple Roadway Tech To Make Our Streets Safer”

Pedestrian Safety

  You are now four times more likely to die in a traffic accident in the United States than in Sweden. But the difference wasn’t always so dramatic. Since the late 1990s, Sweden has employed Vison Zero, an innovative and holistic traffic safety strategy that’s cut fatalities down to a fraction.  Due to its uncanny success, Vision Zero is now being adopted … Continue reading “This Swedish Traffic Safety Specialist Says Better Design – Not More Laws – Is Key To Saving Lives.”