What Are The Best Apps For Parents With Teen Drivers?

What Are Teen Driving Apps?

There applications that you can install on your phone (or your teen’s phone) for almost anything today.

From communication to shopping, smartphones have made it easier than ever before to gain quick access to a range of information and solutions.

Teen driving apps are merely applications that you install on your teen’s phone to monitor or prevent specific behaviors that could cause dangerous driving conditions. While there is a range of smartphone apps that you can install, the majority of apps that parents with teen drivers use address speeding and concerns about distracted driving.

Once installed on your teen’s smartphone, the apps will automatically initiate once a specific set of conditions are met. For example, some teen driving apps will turn on once it senses that it is moving to a particular speed.

There are also apps that initiate if the phone is near another sensor that you place in your car.

Parents and guardians can monitor the app’s behavior because the teen driving app is linked to another device, and parents can receive notifications if rules of the road are disobeyed or other actions are taken by your teen while driving.

1. Prevent Speeding

Speeding is one of the most common driving violations among teenagers, especially on highways. Depending on the state you live in, speeding can care hefty fines ranging to hundreds of dollars.

U.S. teen driver speeding moving violations

These fines increase in residential zones, construction zones, and school zones, so maintaining proper speed while driving is essential to ensure your teen does not get hit with unwanted speeding violations.

Along with the financial burden of speeding, teenagers may have to attend driver’s school again, lose their license, or even get points on their license that can increase their auto insurance rates for years to come.

There are a few applications that parents can install on their teen’s smartphone or in their vehicle to help notify the driver and parents when teens are speeding.

For example, the Hyundai Blue Link is an app that is built into specific models that tell parents when their teens exceed the speed limit.

Another similar app is Bouncie that will notify parents when their children are speeding or have to brake abruptly. This solution has a component that is installed in the vehicle of a teen driver and transmits information through the smartphone app to the parent or guardian’s phone.

An added benefit of this teen driving app is that it provides a record to the driver after each trip that can help improve the driving habits of young teenage drivers.

2. Reduce Distracted Driving

As smartphones continue to become synonymous with text messages, Tweets, and Instagram likes, teens are involved in accidents due to distracted driving at an alarming rate.

Statistically, teenage drivers are more likely to make driving errors than more experienced drivers, and this rate of accidents go up when teenagers are distracted at the wheel.

While parents are not able to monitor everything that their teens do throughout the day, you can use a smartphone app like TrueMotion Family to know when your teenage driver is using their phone while at the wheel.

Not only will you be able to monitor when your teens use their phones on the road, but you can also set up a system of rewards for safe driving through this innovative safety app for teen drivers.

If you have tried other solutions but require more strict controls over your teen’s use of their smartphone while driving, then you can look to an app like Cell Control. Unlike other solutions, Cell Control is a small device mounted in your teen driver’s car.

This device can be programmed to limit what a smartphone device can do while the vehicle is traveling at specific speeds. This means that you can disable social media apps and mobile games while the car is in motion.

You can also opt for a more passive app on your teen’s phone like AT&T DriverMode. This app turns on once it recognizes that your teen’s phone is traveling at a specific speed, and once initiated it will silence alerts and send automated responses to text messages and calls that your teen is driving. You can customize the answers to let them know that the driver will reply once they reach their destination.

3. Reward Positive Driver Behavior

Most of the apps that are on the market are meant to help parents of teenage drivers with notifications and other methods to prevent dangerous driving behavior. However, there are also several apps that you can install on your teen’s smartphone to reward positive behavior.

If you are looking to reward your teen driver for performing proper driving, then you can use an app like Lifesaver. One component of this app is like other apps because it is meant to prevent distracted driving practices.

As a concerned parent with a teen driver, you can also monitor your child’s driving behavior through the app and reward them for driving with caution and sticking to the speed limit.

If your teen driver is new to the road, then you can use an app like Mojo to create a fun game out of safe driving. Like fitness apps, this smartphone app allows drivers to invite their friends and families to compete for prizes that they earn through safe driving practices.

Good driving habits can be tracked in a group, and the company is growing partnerships with companies so drivers can be entered into drawings for real-world prizes.

This is a great way to incentivize good driving, and make safe driving a “cool” thing among family and friends to help your teen drivers learn driving practices to keep them safe!

Improve Road Safety With Apps For Your Teen Driver!

Since you worry about your teen driving, you can tap into the power of free (or some paid) apps for parents who have teenage drivers. With these apps you can keep track of the speed and other driving patterns your teen uses.

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the many apps for parents of teen drivers to ensure your child arrives safely and help your teen driver learn safe driving habits today!