Traffic Safety

Summer Road Trips More Popular Than Ever As the U.S. economy continues to strengthen, many families are looking for ways to enjoy the summer as children are out from school. Instead of dealing with the inconveniences of airport security and baggage fees, many families are looking forward to hitting the road on road trip vacations. Road trips represented nearly 22% … Continue reading “Is Your Car Ready For Summer Road Trip Safety?”

Self Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars Are Speeding Into The Present Driverless vehicles used to be “futuristic” as it’s something you only get to see in sci-fi movies. However, times have changed, and as autonomous car technology continues to improve so do the ways that humans interact with their environment. Even car companies are beginning to see what the future holds, and how … Continue reading “Robot Roadway Vision: How Autonomous Cars See The World”

New Technology

Just a few years ago, self-driving commercial trucks were something that you can only find in sci-fi movies. The thought of a autonomous vehicle or semi truck delivering goods across the country was something you would only see on the Jetsons or a futuristic city. Yet, as technology continues to improve at an increased pace, we’re getting closer to a … Continue reading “The Big Rig: The Future Of American Shipping & Autonomous Technology”

Self Driving Cars

Unpredictable weather conditions like snow storms, heavy rain, and dense fog can be a significant source of frustration for drivers. Not only do these factors contribute to traffic accidents and injuries on our public roads, but they can also lead to deaths across America. As the U.S. government seeks to reduce deaths caused by traffic accidents to zero within 30 … Continue reading “Winter, Rain, And Fog (Oh My!): Is Autonomous Technology Ready For Harsh Weather?”

Road Design

How To Make City Streets Safer With Smart Design As the U.S. continues to see more drivers on the roads than ever before, state and local lawmakers are looking for ways to create safer streets to be enjoyed by all city residents. While many new and innovative safety measures are being implemented throughout urban environments, city planners can look to … Continue reading “Simple Roadway Tech To Make Our Streets Safer”

Pedestrian Safety

A Historically Deadly YearLast year marked an unfortunate record, as 2016 saw nearly 6,000 pedestrian deaths. This marks the highest total pedestrian deaths than two decades, according to results from a recent study.This unfortunate record is even more alarming as we see an increase of 25% of pedestrian deaths between 2010 and 2015. Pedestrians now account for the largest portion … Continue reading “Unexpected Factors Lead To Record Pedestrian Deaths In 2016”

Self Driving Cars

Our Cities Are Designed Around Roads As the U.S. economy continues to grow, we are relying on a diverse economy to fuel our nation’s prosperity. Everything from commercial driving, distribution, and of course residential drivers who commute to and from work rely on inner-city roads. One problem facing mass-adoption of autonomous cars on our city streets is that road construction, and … Continue reading “Navigating Our Streets: How Autonomous Cars Will Deal With Construction Zones”

Self Driving Cars

Autonomous Cars: Mobile Computing TechnologyMost drivers across America have dreamt about autonomous cars at one point or another. Whether from The Jetsons or reading about them in Sci-Fi books, Americans have looked forward to the day when technology would do the tedious (and often dangerous) job of driving for us. However, the one thing many don’t think about when they … Continue reading “How Easy Is It To Hack A Self-Driving Car?”

Self Driving Cars

Navigating The Future With CareWhen we consider how many people die each year from traffic-related accidents, it becomes clear why so many car companies are pushing the development of safer and more reliable self-driving car technology.The core issue that we have to consider when thinking about the promise of driverless technology is how many people could autonomous vehicles save in … Continue reading “Can Autonomous Cars Prevent 100% Of U.S. Traffic-Related Deaths?”

Self Driving Cars

With so many vehicles coming out with at least partially-automated features, many drivers are growing more comfortable with the idea of technology-assisted driving.After all, it’s easy to see the benefits of technology you make use of everyday.Cruise control keeps us from speeding; smart sensors and camera parking-assist systems take the fear out of parallel parking, and nearly everyone you know … Continue reading “Driverless Car Ethics: When “Gut Decisions” Are Made By Machines”

Self Driving Cars

A Bump In The RoadAutonomous vehicles rely on various types of technology to allow them to navigate public roads. Ranging from sonar, video cameras, and beacons that communicate with traditional traffic equipment like safety cones, automated cars need technology to understand, interpret, and interact with their surrounding environment. While this technology is advancing at an astonishing rate, it also has … Continue reading “U.S. Roads: The Biggest Barrier For Automated Vehicles”

Safe Driving

Winter, with its abundance of snow, ice and auto-mechanical failure, is certainly a precarious time for drivers. Yet, it’s summer that’s most deadly. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration consistently shows the highest number of traffic fatalities are in the third quarter (July-September) while the lowest are in the first quarter (January – March). This might be attributed … Continue reading “Watch Out For These 5 Unexpected Risks of Summer Driving”

Traffic Awareness

Wise-behind-the-wheel teens crashed into current headlines, championing their achievements in the fourth Teen Safe Driving Competition, sponsored by the Allegheny County Safe Driving Committee. Winners reaped fame and fortune, collecting prizes upward of $250 for top placements. Students’ safe driving were gauged via safety-knowledge exams, perceptual aptitude trials, and a driving skills course. Allegheny Police, as well as PA state and … Continue reading “PA Teens Award for Safe Driving and Traffic Awareness”