Is Your Car Ready For Summer Road Trip Safety?

Summer Road Trips More Popular Than Ever

As the U.S. economy continues to strengthen, many families are looking for ways to enjoy the summer as children are out from school. Instead of dealing with the inconveniences of airport security and baggage fees, many families are looking forward to hitting the road on road trip vacations.

Road trips represented nearly 22% of all vacations taken by U.S. families in 2015, and this statistic has been steadily increasing since. Almost 14 million Americans have said they have gone on a vacation in the past year, and about 85% of those vacations were domestic.

This means that a growing number of Americans are staying local when they embark on family vacations, and many families are enjoying their local communities and regional offerings.

Road trips are an excellent way for families to experience fun and memorable adventures with their family without having to deal with inconveniences of other modes of transportation.

Instead of having to worry about hidden costs from airlines and car rental in a different state, transportation experts see a rise in more American driving from their home.

This approach to family vacations tends to be less expensive and more flexibility for scheduling their experiences.

Dangers Of Summer Driving Vacations

It seems intuitive that there are more traffic accidents and deaths during winter months, but a recent study from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows that August has the second highest number of fatal car accidents in 2014. During that same timeframe June, July, and September each had more than 2,800 fatal traffic accidents.

Even though summer drivers do not have to worry about snow and ice, many factors cause the spike in the fatal accident during these months.

Depending on your state, you may have to worry about unexpected dangers that come with vacationers, teen drivers, and other people unfamiliar with the roads.

Other factors contribute to unsafe driving conditions during the summer. The summer weather offers the benefits of visiting the beach or other destinations, but the hot weather also brings several variables that winter drivers do not have to battle.

Increased Highway Construction & Congestion

The hot seasons are ideal for construction projects, and this means that there are more active construction zones along major highways that can cause traffic changes. This says that many drivers are unfamiliar with new traffic patterns and this can cause traffic accidents.

Congested roads also make it harder for travelers to arrive at their destination safer. Vacationing drivers are often unfamiliar with roadways, and couple that with increased congestion can lead to erratic driving. These factors can cause accidents or increase stress on vehicles that can result in traffic accidents or vehicle breakdowns.

Tire Blowouts

AAA has states that summer is the season that sees the highest number of blown out tires. This is because the hot weather causes the air inside of your tires to expand and this puts additional stress on the tire walls.

No matter where you are driving this summer, you should check your air pressure and have a maintained spare tire with you each time you hit the road. Checking your air pressure will ensure that your tires are inflated and will prevent your tires from blowing out on the way.

The worst case scenario is to have a blown out tire that strands you on the side of the road and not has a spare to get you to your destination.

Engine Overheating

The summer weather and constant sun make for beautiful summer vacation destinations, but this scenario can wreak havoc on your engine. As you and your family drive for extended periods of time, your car’s engine will have to work overtime to keep you on the move.

Engineers have build engines with coolants and other methods to keep mechanics cool, but summertime has the highest occurrence of overheating issues.

The chances of engine overheating increases if you rely on your air conditioner to keep the occupants cool. If your engine overheats, you will need to pull over and let it cool down.

While drivers don’t have to worry about snow and ice in the summer, there are many other dangers that drivers need to be aware of. Having the right preparation and awareness will help you and your family arrive safely to your destination!

Essential Roadside Emergency Equipment To Keep In Your Car

No matter where you are driving this summer, you should be prepared to deal with any circumstance. Along with preparation and having proper contacts in case of emergency, you should also have a full set of emergency gear ready to use.

Whether you are driving a short distance in populated areas or driving for hours in a rural landscape, you will need to have an emergency kit with some necessary tools.

Triangle Reflector Warning Signs

Triangle reflector warning signs are highly visible and made of super-reflective materials to alert oncoming drivers about your presence. The triangle sign base is made to improve stability and is weighted to reduce sway from the wind of passing vehicles.

Our emergency triangle warning signs are the perfect solution to help improve your safety whether in the night or daytime. These are engineers to be set up quickly and easily without the need for other tools.

This means that you don’t have to struggle with additional tools to get the triangles put together and set out at a moment’s notice.

When you look for emergency triangle reflector signs, you should also look for a solution that comes with an easy to store box. This will help preserve the triangles when stored for long periods of time and reduce the chances that you will lose parts of the kit throughout the year.

Reflective Vests

Roadside maintenance can be dangerous, and if you are standing by the road waiting for assistance or working on vehicle maintenance, you should do everything you can to improve visibility and warm people about your presence.

A reflective vest can help you stand out from your surroundings during the day and night time. A reflective jacket is frequently worn on construction sites because they offer to warn in the rain, but you can benefit from the vests if you experience troubles while on a summer road trip.

When you choose a reflective vest, be sure to pick one that is a little larger than you usually wear so you can put it over a raincoat or other clothing items. You should also consider buying a reflective vest that has pockets, so you can have easy access to your cell phone or other things if you are watching the road for emergency crews or changing a tire.

Traffic Wands

Red LED traffic wands are a great tool to have in your car in case of a roadside breakdown. Whether you are experiencing car troubles in the day or night, you can use these highly visible wands to warn oncoming traffic of your presence.

If you are traveling with a passenger, one person can tend to the needs of the vehicle like a tire change or other maintenance as the second person warns oncoming traffic. When you buy a traffic wand, you should look for a waterproof and shockproof design.

This will help you illuminate your surroundings even if it is raining out, and you can don’t have to worry about the wand breaking if dropped or regular use.

Enjoy Summer Vacations With Road Trips

Summer is a great time to take that vacation across the state or enjoy the regional landmarks. If you go out on a road trip this summer be sure to take the equipment that you need to stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings and enjoy this summer with an enjoyable road trip!