Road building

A Sustainable Solution To Plastic Waste Worldwide plastic production has accelerated rapidly over the past six decades. While the introduction of plastic is a fairly recent, plastic has found itself into the production of almost everything throughout the world economy. Everything from forks, computers, and cars have some components that are made out of plastic. As a result, humans have … Continue reading “Plastic Roads: How One Man’s Trash Could Be The Future Of Roadway Construction”

Pedestrian Safety

  You are now four times more likely to die in a traffic accident in the United States than in Sweden. But the difference wasn’t always so dramatic. Since the late 1990s, Sweden has employed Vison Zero, an innovative and holistic traffic safety strategy that’s cut fatalities down to a fraction.  Due to its uncanny success, Vision Zero is now being adopted … Continue reading “This Swedish Traffic Safety Specialist Says Better Design – Not More Laws – Is Key To Saving Lives.”

New Technology

The above image is not a photograph. It’s a set of geo-spatial data points presented on a screen. Each of these dots – and there are millions – has a corresponding location on earth. Collectively, they reveal the contours of a real-life highway and the surrounding terrain, down to a single tree branch. It’s more than a fancy graphic – … Continue reading “Lasers on Wheels: How Mobile Terrestrial LiDar Scanning Helps Fix U.S Infrastructure”