Year End Sale

End of The Year Blow Out Sale

We’ve reached the end of another year and want to close it out right.  We’re putting all of our most popular products on sale.  All traffic cones, delineator tubes, parking blocks, and speed bumps are on sale. We also want to thank you for being our customer and we wish you a safe and happy holiday season! Picture of multiple traffic cones in various colors

All Traffic Cones On Sale

Every size, color, and style of traffic cone is on sale. Check out special pricing on all JBC black base traffic cones. Lakeside flow mold and TSS traffic cones are also on sale. Don’t forget about adding lettering or a custom logo to your cone order.

Image of multiple parking blocks in various colors

All Parking Blocks Are On Sale

All styles and sizes of our recycled rubber and recycled plastic parking blocks are on sale.

  • Select from 3′, 4′, and 6′ lengths
  • Rubber blocks are available in black with yellow stripes or black with white stripes
  • Recycled plastic blocks are available in 6 colors – yellow, grey, blue, white, red, and electric vehicle green
  • Installation hardware is included

Image of delineator tubes and channelizers

All Delineator Tubes and Channelizers Are On Sale

We offer eight different styles of delineators and channelizers to meet all of you project needs. Delineator Tubes

  • Six styles to choose from
  • Eight colors available
  • Three base weight options – 8lb., 12lb., or 18lb.


  • Three styles to choose from
  • Two colors available  – orange or lime
  • Two base weight options – 16lb. or 30lb.

Image of multiple speed bumps of various size and shapes

All Speed Bumps and Speed Humps Are On Sale

We offer the largest variety of speed bumps and speed humps.  Select from six styles of speed bumps and four styles of speed humps.

  • Speed bumps are available in 6′ or 4′ lengths
  • All speed bumps have reflective “cat eyes” built into the sides to reflect light at night
  • Top selling Economy speed bump is only $76.95 each
  • All speed bump and speed humps include installation hardware