Parking Blocks

Parking Blocks, Parking Stops, Parking Curbs, Curb Stops, Car Stops, whatever name you know them by, recycled plastic and rubber parking lot blocks have revolutionized parking lot construction and maintenance. No longer are you stuck using heavy and difficult to install concrete blocks. Now you have choices!

In addition to being light enough that one person can install them (without heavy rental equipment), plastic and rubber parking blocks aren't affected by the weather, making them virtually maintenance free.

In Stock and available in up to four colors; safety yellow, gray, handicapped blue and white, The Traffic Safety Store can quickly supply you with all the parking curbs you need.


The Traffic Safety Store Parking Block / Wheel Stop Buyers Guide

Benefits of recycled plastic or recycled rubber Parking Blocks or Wheel Stops over traditional concrete parking blocks are:
  • 100% recycled material
  • Never need painting
  • Easy one person installation
  • Removable for snow plowing or pavement maintenance
  • Cost effective, years of high performance with low maintenance
  • Four different mounting hardware’s to choose from (included free of charge)

When to use a Parking Block/Wheel Stop?

Parking blocks are designed to:
  • Help drivers align their vehicle when pulling into a parking space
  • Indicate to the driver when the vehicle has pulled all the way into the parking space
  • Reduce the risk of accidents in parking lots by preventing drivers from pulling forward to exit a parking space
  • Indicate when a parking space is reserved for handicapped vehicles

Parking blocks are specifically made to indicate to drivers when they have pulled all the way into a parking spot – not to physically stop the vehicle. Tires will roll over a parking block if the driver does not stop the vehicle.

How to pick a color for your parking blocks?

By far, the most popular color for parking blocks, both recycled plastic and recycled rubber, is safety yellow. This is due to the fact that safety yellow is highly visible to both drivers and pedestrians alike.

For a more traditional look, customers frequently order gray parking blocks which, once installed, are virtually indistinguishable from concrete blocks (except our plastic parking blocks aren’t crumbling with rusted rebar sticking up like most concrete blocks ?).

If your parking lot is striped with white lines and you want to match those lines, white blocks maintain a consistent look. However, we don’t recommend white parking blocks in areas with lots of snow since white blocks can be difficult to see on a snow covered parking lot and can present a tripping hazard for pedestrians.

For handicapped parking spaces, nothing works better than our recycled parking blocks in handicapped blue. No one will confuse this parking space for a non-handicapped space.

Recycled Plastic Parking Blocks

The Traffic Safety Store stocks two different styles of recycled plastic parking blocks for immediate shipment;
  • Injection molded ‘Commercial Blocks’ which are 6’ in length, and which are ideal for most parking lots where the vehicles are cars, vans and light trucks
  • Solid extruded ‘Industrial Blocks’ which come in 4’ or 6’ lengths, and which are so durable that we offer a life-time replacement warranty against breakage*

In addition, both models of our plastic parking blocks are available in four colors; safety yellow, concrete gray, white, and handicapped blue, have their UV-stable color molded in when they are manufactured – not simply coated on, and are resistant to salt and other chemicals.

With four types of mounting hardware to choose from; 12” galvanized steel spikes, 8” lag bolts and anchors, 5” Large Diameter ‘TapCons’ (LDT), or our exclusive Heavy Duty 18” galvanized steel spikes, free with each order of plastic parking blocks, nobody offers more choices of recycled plastic parking blocks than the Traffic Safety Store.

(* under normal wear & tear. Excludes damage from snow removal equipment.)

Reflective Recycled Rubber Parking Blocks

The Traffic Safety Store stocks three different lengths of reflective recycled rubber parking blocks; 3’, 4’ and 6’ long.

Being flexible, rubber parking blocks naturally want to lay flat. This added benefit makes them perfect for gravel parking lots, as well as paved parking lots that are not perfectly flat.

With four types of mounting hardware to choose from; 12” galvanized steel spikes, 8” lag bolts and anchors, 5” Large Diameter ‘TapCons’ (LDT), or our exclusive Heavy Duty 18” galvanized steel spikes, nobody offers better service and faster shipping on reflective rubber parking blocks than the Traffic Safety Store.

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