Who Should Be Aware Of Fraud At The Gas Pump? Americans love to travel during the Summer and around the holidays. These times are filled with cheer and excitement as families take road trips around the U.S. to visit State Parks, visit family in other states, or just get away for family vacations. According to AAA, more than 45 million … Continue reading “Watch Out For Card Skimming At The Gas Pump”

Traffic Safety

The History Of Florida Road Rangers In 2000, the Florida Department of Transportation voted to create a free service to help stranded motorists across Florida. Since that time, Road Rangers have come to the assistance of more than 5 million motorists across Florida who were stranded for a variety of reasons ranging from running out of gas on the highways … Continue reading “Florida Road Rangers Keeping Highways Moving & Safe”

Self Driving Cars

Are you ready to trust computers and connected cars with your life? That’s the question many consumers and manufacturers are considering now that autonomous vehicle technologies (self parking, emergency braking, lane change detection, etc.) are becoming more widespread.Five Levels of AutonomyWhen we talk about autonomous vehicles, we aren’t just referring to self-driving cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has defined five … Continue reading “The Five Levels of Automotive Autonomy”