New Technology

If you’re one of millions of commuters in the United States, this image is too familiar. Luckily, the data we need to solve traffic problems already exists – it’s in the GPS trackers on our phones and cars and the sensors along our highways.

Researchers at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at University of South Florida (USF) are developing new ways to synthesize these location-based sources to improve transit efficiency.Read More

Traffic Safety

Of course you could argue every accident is preventable.

The driver should have braked sooner. He should have looked before turning left. He should have yielded to the oncoming car.

But some causes are so blatant, they defy human error. Take texting-while-driving, for example. That mistake causes over a million accidents every year according to National Highway Safety Association.

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Traffic Safety

Ready or not, a second bone-chilling gust is blowing in from the north. Temperatures are expected to reach sub zero in some parts and, once again, we can expect several inches to several feet of snow in the Midwest and Northeast.

Here’s some tips and reminders to get through this week safely:

Think Your Car is Winter-Proof? Here’s What You Might Be Missing.Read More

Traffic Safety


The Story: The Washington Post called it “traffic anarchy.” During an infamous 2011 snowstorm, northbound commuters trapped on the George Washington Parkway without food or water got so desperate some hopped the medium and wove through opposing traffic. Others simply abandoned their vehicles and started walking. The interstate, marred with black ice, fallen trees, and snow-trapped 18-wheelers,Read More

Traffic Safety

Winter can’t be predicted. One week you’re struggling to pull your car out of the snow. The next week you’re splashing through puddles that snow left behind. It’s hard to know exactly what to prepare for.

Unless you live in Maine or Minnesota, you probably pack a snow brush, put extra air in your tires, and consider yourself ready for the road.Read More


The Arctic is drunk. That’s how science blogger, Greg Laden, describes the current weather phenomena: The mass of cold air that typically sits atop the north pole has stumbled down the western hemisphere, dumping ice, feet of snow, and extreme temperatures on the United States. Even Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana are feeling the freeze.

Recent winters have been relatively mild so city and state officials aren’t necessarily equipped for the climate shift.Read More

Traffic Safety

For many, the end of December will be full of travel, family and hopefully a few good parties.

Unfortunately, for some, the season also means morning the loss of a loved one – about 900 people are killed each holiday season due to drunk driving.

With all the social activities and reunions, it’s easy to slip in an extra drink or two and not even realize it.Read More

Traffic Safety

What the Techies Can Tell Us About Safe Winter Driving
People aren’t good at driving in the snow. So Wired Magazine reached out to their tech-loving readers to build a definitive list of clever, but effective tips for safe winter driving. [Wired]

Michigan Roads Are Now Open for Self Driving Cars
As part of an effort to re-claim their status as the automobile-mecca,Read More

Traffic Safety

Can a New Mayor eliminate Traffic Deaths in New York City?
Bill De Blasio, New York City’s mayor-elect, has pledged to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2024. His new initiative “Vision Zero” is modeled after a campaign that was successful in Sweden. [The Villager]
E-Cooridnated Traffic Signals could end Congestion in North Jersey
Northern New Jersey is, no doubt,Read More

Self Driving Cars

In 1957, Central Power and Light Company (CPLC) released an advertorial that featured the image of a cheerful nuclear family playing a board game while hurling down the highway in a dome-shaped pod. The caption read:

“Electricity May Be The Driver”

One day, the company claimed, travel will be safer and more enjoyable thanks to the power of electric-enabled sensors.

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Traffic Safety

Driverless cars are here! Time for Congress to Wake Up.
Despite what our political representatives believe, driverless cars are coming soon—possibly by the end of the decade.  That was the message behind countless testimonies at a recent congressional hearing on autonomous vehicles. Whiteness from Carnegie Mellon and Nissan urged law makers to begin working towards new policies that will enable faster adoption of emerging driverless technologies.  Read More

Pedestrian Safety

Traffic Deaths on the Rise
On Thursday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that vehicular fatalities rose by 3.3 percent from 2011 to 2012. Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists account for most of the increase.  Traffic deaths continue to remain at a historical low. Read more.

Source: LA Times
 Would You Pay $0.75 to Avoid Traffic?
In an effort to meet capacity for increasing traffic,Read More

Bicycle Safety

They’ve tried paint, signs, and $100 fines. Still, officials at Washington D.C.’s Department of Transportation (DDOT) say they can’t keep motor vehicles out of the median cycle track on Pennsylvania Avenue.


So they’ve installed Zebra lane barriers (also known as zebra lane delineators). The European invention––an 8-inch-high hump of recycled PVC plastic covered in highly visible reflective “zebra” stripes––is widely used to protect cyclists in Spain,

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Traffic Safety

You can’t underestimate their intelligence
A recent study by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) discovered an upward trend among states battling tech-induced distracted driving. New measures focus on increasing educational programs and enforcement campaigns as well as updating laws for the changing “wireless” culture. Read more

The latest culprit? Driving “selfies,” or self-portraits taken while driving,Read More

Traffic Safety

Safety wins for D.C. cyclists with new zebra lane blockers
Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC has become the first road in the U.S. to sport Zebra Delineators – innovative lane blockers available through Traffic Safety Store. These “zebra bumps” will help protect bicyclists from car collisions. After the initial testing phase, The District Department of Transportation will consider expanded use of the product.Read More