August Sale At Traffic Safety Store

August Sale

Since August has always been the busiest month of the year for traffic safety supplies, we are having our biggest sale of the year! All of our most popular product are on sale – all delineator and channelizer tubes, all rubber parking blocks, all rubber speed bumps, and all traffic cones.

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All Delineator Tubes and Channelizers are on Sale!

Looper Tubes

We offer the most styles and colors available and all tubes/channelizers have multiple base weights to choose from.

  • Orange Looper tube with reflective collars and 12 lb. base – $22.45 each
  • Arrow Tops with reflective collars and 12 lb. base – $20.10 each
  • Traffix Grabber cones with reflective collars and 16 lb. base – $37.60 each
  • Traffix Looper cone with orange/white reflective collars and 16 lb. base – $31.55 each

All Recycled Rubber Parking Blocks are on Sale!

Rubber Parking Block

We offer five different recycled rubber parking blocks as well as three different sizes – 6′, 4′, or 3′.

  • Black with yellow reflective stripes, black with white reflective stripes or blue with reflective white stripes
  • We offer five different installation hardware options for easy installation on any surface
  • Most popular – Clearline Black/Yellow rubber block – $42.50 each

All Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps are on Sale!

Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps

We offer speed bumps with three different heights to help solve all of your speeding issues – 2″, 2.25″ and 3″.

  • 2″ Economy rubber speed bump – $76.95 each
  • 2.25″ Reflective rubber speed bump – $115.25 each
  • 3″ Alley bump – $165.60 each

All Styles of Traffic Cones are on Sale!

Traffic Cones

The Traffic Safety Store has all the styles, sizes, and colors of traffic cones you’ll ever need. We offer traffic cones in five heights – 36″, 28″, 18″, 12″, and 6″ and also ten different colors – orange, lime, green, blue, light blue, red, purple, pink, white, and yellow. We are your source for traffic cones!

  • Top seller – 28″ 7 lb. JBC orange traffic cone with reflective collars – $22.25 each
  • 28″ 7 lb. JBC colored cones – $16.95 each
  • 36″ 10 lb JBC orange cone with reflective collars – $28.90 each
  • 28″ 7 lb. flow mold orange cone with reflective collars – $25.25 Made in USA