Road building

There are 263.6 million registered vehicles in the United States, and as more drivers look to gain their freedom through personal automobiles, there is an increasing chance that drivers will speed through your neighborhood. Not only is speeding dangerous to other drivers, but speeding in neighborhoods also poses the potential for serious injury and even death to children and pedestriansRead More

Safe Driving

Each year more than 56 million children travel from their homes to attend school by walking, biking, and taking the bus. Drivers must take precautions to account for increased traffic and dangers as children return to school.  Roads will become congested during peak times, and school zones have become one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths for school-agedRead More

Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are being tested on public roads and actively pursued by engineers, but if you haven’t seen one on the road, you aren’t alone. Despite the fleets owned by Waymo, General Motors, and Tesla, there are plenty of reasons why autonomous cars have stalled out for the general population of consumers. Recent years saw a jump in hype andRead More

Self Driving Cars

Expectations for Autonomous cars is growing each year, and as technology continues to improve, we are seeing science fiction coming closer to reality. From the Jetsons and other cartoons, the public started to imagine a world where self-driving vehicles drove around cities as their occupants read the morning newspaper or watched T.V. Autonomous cars promise that our vehicles will dropRead More

Safe Driving Resource and Tips

If you live in or near an urban area, then you have likely started to see more electric scooters around your city. Whether you see them parked near local restaurants or buzzing down side streets, you are sure to see more e-scooters as startups start to introduce scooters to fulfill the sharing economy. The popularity of electric scooters is growingRead More

Traffic Awareness

Safety Vests Make Work Zones Safer & More Efficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays an essential role to keep worksites as safe and efficient as possible, and this type of clothing is crucial for the well-being of workers in many industries. High-visibility safety apparel helps keep workers safe in different weather conditions and times of the day to provide anRead More

Resource Guide

How Much Does A Traffic Cone Cost? Traffic cones are a type of channelizing device that can be used on roads, sidewalks, and around dangerous environments to redirect pedestrians and drivers in a safe manner. The history of traffic cones is very interesting, and since their creation, this safety product has become a staple on American roadways and construction areas.Read More

New Technology

Come Join Our Community! Curious about the latest news in the transportation and construction industries? Want to discover the latest and greatest deals offered by The Traffic Safety Store? We have an engaging and rich community on different social media networks that are waiting for you! Join us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other networks to find out what isRead More

New Technology

The Growing Dangers On U.S. Roads More Americans than ever before are commuting on public roads with a motor vehicle, and with more drivers comes more opportunity for auto accidents. As this trend continues to progress, the U.S. is experiencing the longest run of roadway deaths and a recent study by the National Safety Council showed that over 40,000 peopleRead More