Bicycle Safety

They’ve tried paint, signs, and $100 fines. Still, officials at Washington D.C.’s Department of Transportation (DDOT) say they can’t keep motor vehicles out of the median cycle track on Pennsylvania Avenue. So they’ve installed Zebra lane barriers (also known as zebra lane delineators). The European invention––an 8-inch-high hump of recycled PVC plastic covered in highly visible reflective “zebra” stripes––is widely used to … Continue reading “America’s Most Notorious Bike Path Gets a Facelift”

Traffic Safety

 A new European bike track is proving bikers, pedestrians and cars can safely share the road, and like it. “It almost looks as if these people are riding a race, rather than going home after work. They’re trying to outrun other traffic.  It really seems like a chase. There’s a lot of cycling here despite the infrastructure, rather than because … Continue reading “Think Bike Accidents Are Inevitable? Check Out The Zebra Lane Delineator”