Stylish Safety Glasses

It’s always a good idea to wear safety glasses on the job in order to protect your eyes, but you need a pair that’s more suited to your personal style.  Safety glasses are great when it comes to protecting your vision. Almost 1000 eye injuries occur every single day, and 70% of these injuries are caused by falling objects.  Chemical contact, dust, medical waste, and small particles can also get into your eyes while you’re on the job.  You can’t take time off to heal from an eye injury, and you want to look good on the job.  The Traffic Safety Store has some stylish safety glasses that you’re going to love. screen-capture-16 If you’re going for an outdoor look, the Traffic Safety Store carries flex frame safety glasses.  They’re sleek and comfortable!  You’ll be protecting your eyes while looking great in these!  The frames come in white, black, and champagne, but it’s the style that really makes these safety glasses stand out. They’re made with Z87 + rated material, and have a number of different frame variations.  You can grab a pair of red, brown, gray or blue mirrored lenses, and if mirrored lenses are not for you–they also come in black, neutral gray, or brown and are fog resistant. screen-capture-19 These next pair of safety glasses are for the sports fan in all of us.  The Traffic Safety store has some nice sports frame safety glasses that will help you keep your eyes safe during your extracurricular activities.  They don’t look that bad either!  You have two frame options when it comes to these stylin’ specs.  You can pick up these safety glasses with matte black frames, or a contemporary tortoise shell.  The lenses are fog resistant  Z87 + HD, and they come in brown, neutral gray, and or dark grey.  Love the mirrored look?  They come in brown and red mirrored lenses! The Traffic Safety Store doesn’t stop there when it comes to stylish safety glasses.  Full frame safety glasses are the closest thing to fashion glasses that you can get.  There are a number of different frame options when it comes to these glasses. You could go with a black and red frame, a white frame, or a glossy black frame.  These anti-fog lenses are Z87 + rated and a;so come in gray.  You can wear these on the job or out for a jog.  They’re very versatile and they’re the most stylish safety glasses money can buy. You want your eyes to stay safe on the job, but you also want to look great.  It’s important to be safe, but admit it—you want to look good too.  Let The Traffic Safety Store provide you with some stylish safety glasses you can wear to work or play!