Week In Traffic Safety: September 20, 2013

You’ll Find Safer Cars in Hell

Of all the U.S. towns sporting odd names (Hooker, ND; Accident, MD; Blue Balls, PA), Hell, Michigan might be the most appropriately titled. The Detroit suburb with a population 72 boasts miles of rugged, winding roads. Because it’s a lot closer than North Carolina, Hell has fast become an industry favorite for test-driving – there are 376 new models slated for tests by 2015. Hell’s name has also aided the publicity efforts among the auto-industry, which seeks to broadcast their recovery. Read Full Article Source: Bloomberg Business

Look Out for Lemons

Recent floods in Colorado have left countless vehicles water-damaged. As these cars trickle into the used-car market their full background won’t be available on CarFax. That’s because flood branding — a consumer- protection indicator on state title records — is not recognized in Colorado. Consumers are urged to inspect cars for water stains, mud trapped in the hood and the tell-tale smell of mildew. Read Full Story Source: 9News.com

Are we safe yet?

In the United States, someone dies in a car accident every 15 minutes. Yet, new surveys by the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety, indicate our population is gaining a staggering increase in roadway confidence. Across the board, concerns about drivers drinking, texting, and or experiencing fatigue behind the wheel has dropped by 20 percent or more since 2009. Is the impression warranted? Read Full Story Source: AAA Newsroom

Week of Recalls

BMW just announced a recall effecting 134,000 vehicles whose electrical wiring might not  connect to the tail-lights. Read Here Honda is recalling 374,000 minivans and Acuras who’s  drivers and passengers are at risk of having their airbags suddenly deployed. Read Here General Motors just apologized to the government of India for manipulating the engines of their test-cars to meet the legal emission standards. Over 100,000 Taveras could be voluntarily returned to GM India. Read Here
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Author: Dana Henry

Dana Henry is a Content Strategist for Traffic Safety Store. After years working as a reporter and editor for print and online publications, Dana has developed her focus on emerging technology and innovation. She resides in Philadelphia and is an avid cyclist.

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