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Garage Parking Aid

The garage stop prevents damage to personal belongings and interior walls by helping drivers stay within a designated parking spot.

$19.95 each
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Why people love our garage block

  • 22" long x 6" wide x 4" tall; approximately 10 lbs. each
  • Made from 100 percent recycled rubber tires.
  • Embedded reflective stripes
  • Installs without mounting hardware


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Accident-Proof Your Garage with this Checklist

Your garage, the place you put your car, is also where you store everything from antifreeze to soccer balls. The clutter causes more than stress – it can lead to serious accidents. Use this simple checklist to eliminate hazards, improve functionality, and increase peace of mind in your home garage.

Slipping & Tripping

  • Hoist bulky seasonal items such as bicycles, canoes, kayaks, and patio furniture to the ceiling using industrial hooks or a rope-and-pulley.
  • Store ladders horizontally so children aren’t tempted to climb.
  • Condense outdoor/sports gear -- balls, rackets, bats, gloves, clubs, fishing rods, etc – into large, stackable plastic bins.
  • Store unused garden tools in a separate container; keep them completely covered.
  • Once the floor is clear, clean grease stains and apply epoxy-based paint to repel oil and other slipping hazards.
  • Keep a supply of kitty litter to absorb oil spills.
  • Install motion-activated lights to prevent fumbling in the dark.

Fire, Chemicals & Electric Shock

  • Place combustible liquids in color-coded containers, make sure all containers are tightly sealed -- a tiny spark can ignite vapors.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near the door to your home, or the garage exit.
  • Equip your garage with a smoke and carbon monoxide detector; change batteries regularly.
  • Keep poisonous liquids – including pesticides, weed killers, fertilizers, antifreeze, motor oil and windshield-washer solution, adhesives, paints and paint thinner – inside locking drawers.
  • Unplug power tools and use plug locks and/or outlet covers to avoid electrical accidents.

The Garage Door

  • Choose manual garage doors that use a counter weight – not a coil
  • Choose automatic garage doors that stop or reverse when they make contact with an object – this could be an automobile or a child’s head
  • Install an automatic light that switches on when the garage door opens


Parking in a home garage can be exceptionally tricky – space is tight and typically lined with valuables. If there’s a teen driver, a senior, or an overworked parent at home, an accident may be a matter of time. Keep your garage clean and well lit, and simplify the parking process with a garage parking aid. These basic devices run about $10-$40 and most do not require installation. For the device that best suits your needs, consult the chart below

Garage Aid Specs

CostTargetResistenceHeightVisabilityMaterial StrengthStabilityInstallationElectrical Source
Garage Block $20 Front Tires Maximum 4" Embedded 'Cats-Eye' Reflectors Solid, Ultra-durable recycled rubber Wedges in place None None
Ball n String $10 Windshield None N/A Lights up on contact String elongates over times N/A Attach to garage door Disposable batteries
Parking Matt $20 Tire Length Minimal 1" Reflectivet Sticker Rubber; Hallow bumper Shifts over time None N/A
Laser Sensor $40 Windsheild None N/A Color Beam N/A N/A Self-install; at least 8' ceiling 110V AC Adapter/ 9V Battery
Peel 'n' Stick $10 Front Tire Minimal 1" Reflectivet Sticker Hallow PVC Plastic Adhesive required Adhere to floor N/A
LED Sign $20 Bumper None NA Lights up on contact Springs back 4-prong base None Disposable Batteries
Garage Block

Garage Blocks

Dense recycled tire rubber w/ embedded reflectors; 4" high and angled to catch front tire -- wedges on contact.

Ball and string

Ball & String

Plastic ball hangs at the driver’s vantage point -- lights up if bumped.

Parking Matt

Parking Mat

Low front and back bumpers designate space for tire; front reflective strip.

Lasor Sensor

Lasor Sensor

Shoots colored beams at entering cars, aimed at "stop-target" on windshield.

Peel n Stick

Peel ‘n’ Stick

Stop sign sits eye level with the driver -- springs backwards and lights up, when hit.

LED Parking Light

LED Parking Sign

Stop sign sits eye level with the driver -- springs backwards and lights up if hit.