Safe Driving

If you live in an area that has harsh winters, it’s a good idea to build a winter car survival kit. This kit should be kept in your car throughout the year, but you should restock the kit throughout the winter. A winter car survival kit is an essential tool for any driver throughout the late Fall and early Spring … Continue reading “Driving This Winter? 7 Must-Have Items For Any Winter Car Survival Kit!”

Winter driving

As winter sets, most of the U.S. will begin to see snow and ice on roads and highways. While most Americans will not experience an accident due to road conditions this winter, over 136,000 people were injured in an accident this winter due to hazardous road conditions. Driving in the winter can increase the chances of an accident on the … Continue reading “5 Safe Winter Driving Tips For Driving In Snow & Ice”

Traffic Safety

Winter can’t be predicted. One week you’re struggling to pull your car out of the snow. The next week you’re splashing through puddles that snow left behind. It’s hard to know exactly what to prepare for. Unless you live in Maine or Minnesota, you probably pack a snow brush, put extra air in your tires, and consider yourself ready for the … Continue reading “Think Your Car is Winter-Proof? Here’s What You Might Be Missing.”

Traffic Safety

Driving during the winter is dangerous. According to researchers at Berkeley, the most dangerous day of the season is when the first snowfall arrives. Because people have not yet adapted their behavior to accommodate for more dangerous conditions, fatal crashes are 14% more likely to happen on this day than on subsequent snowy ones. Every year in the United States, the poor weather … Continue reading “Winter Driving Tips to Stay Safe On The Road”