June Sale At Traffic Safety Store

June Sale

Since June is always a busy month for outdoor projects, we are putting some our most popular products on sale. Our featured products are all styles of roll-up signs, channelizer drums, Grabber cones, Economy rubber speed bumps, and all colors and sizes of our economy traffic cones.

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Roll-Up Construction Signs

All sizes and styles of our roll-up signs are on sale – non-reflective vinyl, reflective vinyl, Marathon, and mesh.
  • 48″ Reflective vinyl – $151.95
  • 36″ Reflective vinyl – $99.50
  • 48″ Non Reflective vinyl – $66.25
  • 36″ Non Reflective vinyl – $51.95
  • 48″ Mesh – $68.30
  • 36″ Mesh – $52.95
  • 48″ Marathon vinyl – $199.50
  • 36″ Marathon vinyl – $131.25

Grabber Cones

grabber cones Grabber cones are ideal for all types of construction projects and parking situations because they are durable, easy to handle, and stackable.
  • 48″ tall
  • Available with two reflective collars or plain
  • Two base weights available – 16 lbs. or 30 lbs.
  • Most popular – Two reflective collars with 16 lb base – $37.60 each
  • Grabber cones cones can be customized with logos or lettering

Economy Speed Bumps

Speed Bump Our Economy recycled rubber speed bump is on sale for a great price of only $76.95!
  • 6′ long, 2″ tall, and 11″ wide
  • Each speed bump weighs 48 lbs.
  • Five types of installation hardware available

Economy Traffic Cones

Economy Traffic Cones are a great cost effective traffic cone for a wide variety of uses. These brilliant colors of traffic cones are injection molded PVC so they are both light weight and sturdy. Six color choices – Orange, Lime, Blue, Red, Yellow & Purple Great for many jobsites, parking lots, schools, and sports use, these cones are 28 inches high and are easy to stack, pick up, and move.