This Straightforward Infographic Explains Distracted Driving

April is distracted driving awareness month. Rather than list the reasons why this staggering public safety issue deserves your attention, Traffic Safety Store got some help from designer, Adrienne Erin. The infographic below can help you explain to friends, loved ones and coworkers, why putting down the cellphone is a MUST.

Here’s Adrienne’s bio:

Adrienne is a freelance writer and designer who loves being able to promote the causes she feels strongly about. Several of her friends have been involved in texting-related accidents, and while they were minor, she worries that that won’t always be the case. Follow @adrienneerin on Twitter or visit her design blog to see more of her work.

*Facts provided by: Distraction.Gov; The Center For Disease Control; Governors Highway Safety Association; ATT&T;; Business Insider *Sponsored by: Katherman Briggs & Greenberg | For more information please see this post on distracted driving ›

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Author: Dana Henry

Dana Henry is a Content Strategist for Traffic Safety Store. After years working as a reporter and editor for print and online publications, Dana has developed her focus on emerging technology and innovation. She resides in Philadelphia and is an avid cyclist.

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