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  • Quick Facts:

    • NCHRP-350 & MASH Approved
    • Holds 36" or 48" Roll-Up Signs
    • Choose 'Quick Latch' bracket for signs with plastic pocket or Universal Sign Bracket for all others (sewn pockets)
    • Step-N-Drop Legs
    • 22 lbs.

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A great option for any of our portable construction signs, the spring sign stand has telescoping, adjustable legs for superior balance and stability in high winds and bad weather. Crashworthy rated NCHRP-350. At 22 lbs, this stand is lightweight and easy to store. Step-n-drop legs allow you to deploy the device without bending over. All steel with powder-coated finish to prevent rusting.


Single Spring Sign Stand

The Traffic Safety Store is the leading distributor of traffic safety equipment in the United States, and we are known for offering the largest selection of Single Spring Sign Stands. Not only do our stands provide great durability, this sign stand remains stable even during strong winds because of the telescoping legs that give it a wider stance. This means that signs will remain to stand and offering safety for your work crews in a variety of weather conditions and the wind from oncoming vehicles.

Designed For Easy Setup & Installation

We know that your work crews have a lot of responsibilities, and we want to help you minimize the chances of lost productivity. To help you achieve your project goals, our Single Spring Sign Stand is one of the easiest sign stands on the market to setup and install.

During installation, you just have to pull the legs out and return it after use for easy transportation and storage. No complicated tools are necessary, nor will there be small parts that you have to worry about losing. To ensure that your signs are at the proper level for your project and work area, the stand can also be adjusted to 3 height levels depending on your needs. To improve stability, especially on uneven terrain, each leg can be adjusted independently without moving the other legs at the same time.

With the patented Step-n-Drop Legs design, you can quickly set up your Traffic Safety Store sign stand without the need to stoop down or bend over, that means you'll only be exerting minimal effort while setting it up. As you place your foot on the release lever and step down, two legs would be dropped down into position. You just have to follow the same step for the remaining legs, and that's it.

Perfect for Short Term Projects and Emergency Situations

The Single Spring Stand for Roll-Up Signs is perfect for short term projects and emergency situations as it can easily be setup in place and removed after. It's NCHRP-350 approved and features three configurations to choose from.

It works great for 36” and 48” roll-up signs, but can also be used for display signs that are 12” off the ground. The powder coated steel legs of the Single Spring Stand are made for maximum durability, and it features foot operated leg releases for easy setup.

Two Position Height Adjustment

This sign stand can be used virtually anywhere as each leg has a two position height adjustment, allowing you to precisely level out the stand especially on uneven surfaces. Additionally, the single spring offers better stability against high winds, because the mast automatically flexes as the wind hits the signage. Weighing 22 lbs., the legs are lightweight, yet durable.

Engineered To Meet Your Project Needs

All Traffic Safety Store sign stand models are equipped with a universal sign holder, as well as a 10-inch height extender. The purpose of the 10” height extender is to give the sign stand added height when needed or to elevate the sign even more without raising the legs. On the other hand, the universal sign holder is more flexible as it can accommodate almost all types of roll up signs.

  • Portable and doesn't take a lot of space when folded as it only takes one cubic foot when stored.
  • Easy to set up because of the step-n-drop feature.
  • The height of the stand can be manually adjusted for stability.
  • Available in zinc plating and powder coating design. Both make the sign stand corrosion resistant.
  • MUTCD certified.

Sturdy Legs

The lightweight aluminum legs of the Traffic Safety Store sign stand are corrosion resistant, and the telescoping mast allows the user to perform height adjustments necessary for the situation.

With the step-n-drop feature, the setup has never been easier.

  • Weighing 16 lbs., it's easy to carry, and its compact style doesn't take a lot of space.
  • Each leg can be adjusted on its own.
  • Can be used in all locations where a roll up sign is needed.
  • NCHRP-350 certified.

Hassle-free Transportation and Storage

The Traffic Safety Store sign stand has the ability to stay active and close to the ground despite strong winds, and it could house 36”x36 or even 48”x48” roll up signs even without the heavy springs or a bulky mast. Thus, it's the perfect stand for simultaneous work projects or when quick setup is important.

All parts of the Traffic Safety Store sign stand are replaceable and available in our store.

Aside from the remarkable features discussed above, what makes the Traffic Safety Store Single Spring Sign Stand better than other sign stands available in the market is that it comes with the standard latch bracket connector that works great in providing stronger hold of the roll up sign.

We Are The Leading Experts & Providers Of Single Spring Sign Stands

With so many industrial applications for Single Spring Sign Stands, it can be difficult to understand the type of Single Spring Sign Stands you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the Single Spring Sign Stands for any project or application.

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