Week In Traffic: Solving Congestion, Holiday Road Rage and the Accidents that Follow

Can a New Mayor eliminate Traffic Deaths in New York City?

Bill De Blasio, New York City’s mayor-elect, has pledged to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2024. His new initiative “Vision Zero” is modeled after a campaign that was successful in Sweden. [The Villager]

E-Cooridnated Traffic Signals could end Congestion in North Jersey

Northern New Jersey is, no doubt, one of the most densely populated – and congested – areas in the United States. Thanks to the Medowlands Commission, the region will gain an Adaptive Signal System for Traffic Reduction that covers over 40 square miles and encompasses 128 intersections. The new system, slated for completion by 2015, virtually coordinates traffic signals and is expected to provide a significant reduction in travel times and carbon emissions. [NewJersey.com]

New Study shows Holiday Shopping causes uptick in Auto Deaths

A new study by State Farm Insurance indicates that one-third of drivers and nearly half of underage drivers experience an increase in aggressive driving behaviors during the holiday season. Historically, the Christmas holiday has the highest incidents of car accidents – more than Thanksgiving or New Years. [Online Sentinel]

Broken Traffic Sensors are a Growing Problem on the West Coast

Los Angeles boasts over 27,000 traffic-indication sensors embedded in their highways. Unfortunately, a third of those devices – which collect data for real-time commuter traffic maps — are broken according to Caltrans. The issue of mechanical failures persists in cities throughout the western and mid-western United States. [ABC Local]

Is Uber the next Facebook?

Uber is preparing for the end of the “ownership-economy.” The company is currently raising capital for UberX, a financing program that allows customers to purchase vehicles through their low-interest loans. The catch? Those customers must offer taxi services to Uber customers. [New York Magazine]  Image Credit:Payton Chung on flickr