Week in Traffic: Congress debates the future of driving

Driverless cars are here! Time for Congress to Wake Up.

Despite what our political representatives believe, driverless cars are coming soon—possibly by the end of the decade.  That was the message behind countless testimonies at a recent congressional hearing on autonomous vehicles. Whiteness from Carnegie Mellon and Nissan urged law makers to begin working towards new policies that will enable faster adoption of emerging driverless technologies.  Read more. Source: The Washington Post

Does New York City need a new Traffic Safety Strategy?

Former NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton wants more police enforcement for traffic safety in New York City. During a recent Transportation Alternatives forum, Bratton advocated for the “broken window” theory – where enforcement cracks down on smaller violations in order to prevent serious ones. Panelists also encouraged the adoption of open data policies in traffic safety enforcement.  Read more. Source: Streets Blog, New York

In Philadelphia, Speeding can now Trigger a Red Light

Philadelphia’s Kelly Drive – where the average motorist speed is over 20 mph above the limit – has begun experimenting with traffic signals that respond directly to speeding. When a driver passes one of the roadway’s hidden sensors above speed limit, the approaching traffic signal will automatically turn red. Read more. Source: Philly.com

Should Transportation Projects be Privatized?

A new bill filed by two republican members of congress seeks to nearly eliminate federal funding for transportation projects. The proposed “Transportation Empowerment Act” (TEA) Bill would eliminate gas-taxes encouraging state and private sector interests to invest in roadway maintenance. Read more. Source: The Hill   Image Credit: The Wall Street Journal Online, http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122454035573451787.html