This Life-Hacker Nails What Safe Driving is Really About

  Etiquette. Not exactly the first word that comes to mind when you think about safety.  Yet, that’s exactly what life-hacker and journalist, Kayla Matthews, chose to focus on in this brief but powerful video about safe driving. The majority of accidents, it turns out, are precipitated by inappropriate lane switching and other fuax pas. What seems rude can quickly turn tragic. “How hard is it really to use your turn signal in heavy traffic?” Matthews explains. “Good driving etiquette is something that many people don’t consider on a daily basis, which is a shame because I’m sure tons of traffic accidents could be prevented if they did.” We couldn’t agree more. Be careful — and considerate — out there. Image by CJ Pony Parts For more great advice, check out Kayla Matthews at The Productivity Theory and Huffington Post
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Author: Dana Henry

Dana Henry is a Content Strategist for Traffic Safety Store. After years working as a reporter and editor for print and online publications, Dana has developed her focus on emerging technology and innovation. She resides in Philadelphia and is an avid cyclist.

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