Don’t be a holiday statistic. Free rides can keep your family safe

For many, the end of December will be full of travel, family and hopefully a few good parties. Unfortunately, for some, the season also means morning the loss of a loved one – about 900 people are killed each holiday season due to drunk driving. With all the social activities and reunions, it’s easy to slip in an extra drink or two and not even realize it. That’s why Governors Highway Safety Association is partnering with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, a national campaign to increase publicized drunk-driving crackdowns, through out the states, from now to New Years.

Some states are doing a little extra to help drivers stay smart this season. For a full list of participating state activities click here.

Drive Sober Smartphone App

States including Georgia and New Mexico are offering mobile apps to assist drivers with that crucial moment. The Drive Sober, Georgia app provides names and locations of bars and restaurants, across the Atlanta metro region and ten additional cities, that offer free rides home. The New Mexico state police encourages people to report drivers they suspect of intoxication by using the End Driving While Intoxicated (ENDWI) app. ENDWI also helps connect a potential driver with a cab or sober friend before they make a critical mistake. Both apps will be publicized, in part, by distributing drink coasters at participating bars.

“Wet” Demonstrations

Some learn best by doing. Others, by seeing it done. Both Maryland and Rhode Island are taking that advise to heart by exposing the driving public to “wet” demos. With help from a liquored-up volunteer, The Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO) will broadcast the real-life effects alcohol has on driving (in a safe, controlled environment, of course). The Rhode Island Department of Transportation, state police, and Providence Police Department, will employ a similar method to demonstrate their new sobriety tester, the Intoxilyzer 9000, during a press event. Both states are also holding holiday vigils for those lost due to drunk driving.

The Pledge

Washington State’s new campaign, Target Zero, asks every resident to set a goal of zero traffic deaths for their family. By bringing the responsibility home, The Washington Traffic Safety Commission believes they can eliminate traffic deaths by 2030. The Target Zero site hosts several tips for helping your family accomplish this goal. They also have a “Designated Driver’s gift card available for download.

Image Credit: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,