Triangle Reflector Kits

Traffic Safety Store is the leading source for everything you need for road safety. You will love our wide selection of tools, safety gear, and accessories to keep you and your loved ones safe on the roads this year. One of our newest products is the triangle reflector kits that will make a great addition to your roadside safety kit.

These hazard triangles can be used day or night to alert drivers of a disabled vehicle or roadside emergency. This means that no matter where you are or when you need them, the emergency triangles will be ready when you need them.

This high-quality, professional grade triangle reflector kit contains three large reflector emergency triangles. Each emergency triangle are made with high-quality materials that meet DOT FMVSS 125 standards. This means these road hazard signs are sturdy enough to withstand incremental weather but light enough for easy transportation and storage.

Each hazard triangle is fitted with a stiff base and the available wire controlled tilting allows you to adjust the angle based on your needs in any situation. Their versatile design ensures that you can use the emergency triangles in various situations and provide you with peace of mind.

Road Hazard Signs Keep Travelers Safe

As millions of Americans rely on their vehicles for transportation to work, school, and recreation, the chance of a vehicle breakdown is always present that could result in you being stranded on the side of the road. This is why every driver should have a complete set of safety equipment, including a triangle reflector kit.

You will be thankful that you purchased our heavy grade triangle reflector kit when you or your loved one is stranded on the side of the road. Instead of risking damage or physical harm from bypassing traffic, our emergency triangles stand out and provide notice to other drivers of your presence.

While commercial drivers mainly use the hazard triangles, they are also a great addition for any residential driver too. Some of the features our customers love include:

  • - Meets or exceeds all DOT, legal requirements.
  • - No tools required for assembly.
  • - Hazard triangles are painted with fluorescent inner triangles for daytime use.
  • - Needs no power source- the safety triangles reflect natural light for maximum visibility.
  • - Extensive bar design to maintain stability even in high winds and incremental weather.

When To Use Hazard Triangles

Emergency triangles are required by law to be carried in all commercial vehicles, and our triangle reflector kits meet the strictest of DOT standards. These emergency triangles are fitted with an extensive bar design to remain steady in windy conditions.

The package holder can be fitted on any flat surface, and we offer optional accessories for your convenience. The triangle reflector kit case is molded to withstand heavy impacts, so the hazard triangles will not be damaged in normal use cases.

Our heavy duty triangle reflector kits are perfect for all types of industries. Our customers have used the professional-grade emergency triangles for many industries outside of residential transportation.

Thousands of customers from all walks of life agree that our triangle reflector kits are a must-have addition to their vehicle safety equipment, no matter their application. While the majority of our customers use the hazard triangles for their cars and trucks, our triangle reflector kits are useful in many situations, including:

  • - Agriculture and farming.
  • - Construction crews and prospectors.
  • - Forestry workers.
  • - Law enforcement officers.
  • - Oil and gas crews.
  • - Commercial drivers.
  • - Residential car emergency kits.

Hazard Triangle Placement Tips

When placing warning triangles, you want to follow the same rules that commercial truck drivers follow. You should activate your vehicle’s hazard warning flashers and place your emergency triangles in the back of your car. In a particular format.

Our triangle hazard kits are the perfect addition to your car accident kit, but you need to know how to deploy hazard triangles for maximum effectiveness. Here are some tips based on commercial truck drivers follow. Here are some tips based on specific situations. In general, when you breakdown you should:

  1. - Stop and secure the area.
  2. - Activate your car’s four-way flashers.
  3. - Set our warning devices within 10 minutes of stopping.

When placing your emergency reflectors after a breakdown, you need to hold the triangles in front of you to increase your visibility to traffic. You also want to wear a highly-visible vest if possible. As you place the triangles you should follow the basic direction of 10-100-100:

The first emergency triangle should be placed on the traffic side of your vehicle 10 feet from the front or rear, depending on traffic direction.

  1. - The second road hazard sign should be placed 100 feet behind your vehicle.
  2. - A third hazard triangle should be placed 100 feet ahead of your vehicle on the shoulder or in the lane where your vehicle is stopped.

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