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    Available blank with border or in seven standard legends:
  • -Emergency Scene Ahead
  • -Incident Ahead
  • -Fire Scene Ahead
  • -Detour Ahead
  • -DUI Checkpoint Ahead
  • -Be Prepared To Stop
  • -Training In progress

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Emergency Management Signs

During emergency situations, it's important to notify the motorists and pedestrians about the immediate surrounding to reduce additional injuries. Emergency management signs are beneficial for this purpose as it guides and controls highway traffic during an emergency. However, they should only be used temporarily, and not as a replacement for standard signs where it's applicable.

Depending on the specific conditions of your emergency, these management signs can be utilized together with the standard signs, or as a substitute for it. The local and state authorities are responsible for advanced planning for transportation operations during emergencies to ensure that everything will be under control.

We are always ready and would be more than willing to work with these agencies that demand for quick turnaround time, as we know how important it is to maintain safety.

  • Emergency Scene Ahead
  • Incident Ahead
  • Fire Scene Ahead
  • Detour Ahead
  • DUI Checkpoint Ahead
  • Be Prepared To Stop
  • Training In progress

Similar to MUTCD signage, it's important that emergency management signs are reflective. However, because they are applicable for just temporary use, it's possible to just fabricate these signs from any light, and economical material that would work the same during the situation.

Our emergency managment signs deliver both general and customized messages using words and symbols. Just like road user signs, there are also three categories to choose from regulatory, guide, and warning.

Brackets and signs should be NCHRP350 certified, and if it's a new product, it's important that it complies with the MASH guidelines. All signs intended for night use should be retro-reflective or illuminated- it should be able to exhibit the same shape and color for both day and night use.

For older signs that have lost its legibility, it's important to have these replaced. Signs should also be taken away or at least covered when not in use. Both portable and permanent signs should not be installed on sidewalks, bicycle facilities, or areas made for bicycle traffic and pedestrians.

Safety and Emergency Warning Signs

Establishments and regions containing hazardous materials should have emergency and safety signs installed all over the place. Emergency personnel manager is required to hang the appropriate signs where it will easily notify the public. If further assistance is needed, you can contact the Health and Emergency Management Services.


State and federal regulations cover the safety features of an organization, and this includes the emergency signs used. According to the federal government, it's mandatory that the signs are at least 6 inches tall with letters at least 2 inches wide. Signs should also be well-illuminated by a reliable light source. For an organization to comply with this ruling, the lights that would be used should be wired using a standby generator to ensure that the power stays on even when there's no electricity.


Regular inspections are an excellent way of ensuring that the emergency signs are pointing in the right direction and they remain visible especially during emergencies. An electrical maintenance schedule should include changing the light bulbs installed in the sign.This may include, but not limited to topping off fuel tanks, lubricating moving parts, and cleaning the area. As for the signs, they should be securely affixed to the walls, and inspectors should check screws and other fasteners.

Highway Safety

Lastly, it's crucial that you select and print an appropriate sign for the particular area. Each sign should deliver the message you want people to know. For instance, the sign that reads “Hot Work in Progress” should be placed where hot work is in progress, so everyone would be aware that it could be potentially dangerous. Like what we always say, for this kind of situations, always trust your best judgment regarding the sign that you should be using.

The Leading Supplier Of Emergency Management Signs

With so many industrial and commercial applications for Emergency Management Signs, it can be difficult to understand the type of Emergency Management Signs you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the perfect Emergency Management Signs for any project or application.

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