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No Thru Traffic Signs (R10-9)

ACM, or Aluminum Composite Material, No Thru Traffic Signs are comprised of a thermoplastic core of low density polyethylene (LDPE), bonded between two sheets of aluminum. The aluminum sheets have a high performance polyester coating. This high-tech replacement for solid core aluminum signs delivers sign blanks that are light weight, while at the same time, rigid and durable. ACM sign blanks offer excellent outdoor ‘weather ability’. Lastly, to the average person, ACM signs are virtually indistinguishable from traditional, solid core aluminum signs.


All TrafficSafetyStore.com No Thru Traffic are 3 mil. High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting by 3M meets ASTM D4956 Type III & IV and comes with a ten (10) year performance warranty.