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    • 72" Long x 38" Tall x 3" Wide
    • Two Colors to choose from
    • Approximately 23 lbs. each

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Our Crowd Control Barricade comes in Bright Orange or White and is lightweight enough for easy setup and take down. Weighing only 23 lbs., the durable double walled, non-flexible, lightweight design makes our Crowd Control Barricade easy to lift on and off the truck and easy to connect and setup. The ten molded-in vertical windows reduce wind load, add strength and stability, and reduce overall weight of these pedestrian barricades. Made from made of UV stabilized, high density polyethylene these barricades are built to last and are designed for multiple deployments. MASH Tested - Passed

Specifications: 72" Long x 38" Tall x 3" Wide, Weighs 23 lbs.

  • Metal 'T-Legs' turn 90-degrees for quick set-up, then retract for storage
  • Locations for two (2) Barricade Lights
  • Protect pedestrians from workzone hazards
  • Four (4) molded-in Stacking lugs for secure transport and storage.
  • Two stock colors available: Orange and White
  • UV inhibitors to minimize fading
  • Stackable for easy storage and transportation
  • Perfect for concerts, parades and crowd control at large events
  • Molded connectors provide strength and flexibility

Pedestrian Barricades for Crowd Control

The Traffic Safety is the leading supplier of traffic safety equipment, and we also offer professional equipment to help direct pedestrian traffic for your project or event. Our Plastic Pedestrian Barricades are your perfect solution for public events and work zones. They provide maximum flexibility and security, ensuring a safe pedestrian pathway, and a barrier when needed.

This has been made possible because the Urbanite Pedestrian Barricade stands 4 feet tall, and made of 100% recycled, UV PE plastic, with different pieces connected with our modular design. This design is engineered to ensure that your barricades can be assembled and disassembled when needed. Along with ease of use, the modular design also allows for easy and efficient storage, so your work crews don’t have to spend a lot of time storing or transporting the barricades.

For fast leg set-up, two legs are deployed, and these legs turn parallel to the wall for easy stacking and storage after every use. As for the recessed areas, they measure 8” wide and 53” long on each side, making it perfect for events or during emergency situations.
  • Stackable and easy to separate.
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • Equipped with ten vertical windows that offers strength and flexibility even in windy conditions, while keeping the barricade steady on the ground.
  • Perfect for advertising and promotional purposes as the recessed area could hold up informational or commercial additions that are visible to the public.
  • The interlocking of multiple barriers has never been more convenient; thanks to the blow molded connectors.
  • Barricade lights can be installed (sold separately)
  • User-friendly handrail
  • Fully customizable upon request
  • Durable Design For Safety & Long-Term Use
  • Barricade lights can also be mounted on the Urbanite, and it also comes with a unique “Step-N-Deploy” leg set for ADA Compliant Applications.
As the leading traffic equipment supplier, The Traffic Safety Store guarantees that the Urbanite crowd control barricade is perfect for work zones and construction sites as it provides an uninterrupted, safe passage for pedestrians. The design and durability are made to ensure the safety of your work crew and passing pedestrians in the area.

It's made from UV stabilized, high-density PE plastic that's considered to be safe for the environment. Since the Urbanite is also linkable, it can be conveniently stacked together and create several sections, giving complete flexibility and security for everyone within the area.

Lightweight & Highly Effective Engineering

The Urbanite Barricade is one of the most lightweight barricades available in the market. With a weight of 23 lbs., it's easy to carry and connect. However, despite its weight, it's still durable, non-flexible, and double-walled provide unmatched ability to stand up to any situation and help direct pedestrian traffic from dangerous areas and around work zones.

Professionals just like you have come to trust the Urbanite Barricade to keep their work crews and projects safe. Some of the reasons professional project managers and planners love the Urbanite Barricade are:
  • User-friendly handrails offer comfort and security within the work zone.
  • Two barricade lights can be installed on the panel.
  • Provides optimum security to pedestrians from various work zone hazards.
  • Four molded-in stacking lugs offer easy storage and added security.
  • Available in orange and white.
  • Equipped with UV inhibitors to lessen fading.
  • Made from 100% recycled PE
  • Stackable and easy to separate.
  • Colors can be customized upon request.
  • Available in different sizes and variety of reflective sheeting.
  • Ensures pedestrian traffic control.
  • Great for parades and crowd control.
  • Ideal for construction sites
  • Blow molded connectors make the panels extra durable and flexible.
The ten molded-in vertical windows can also give you the assurance that it could withstand wind load, and impact often brought by over speeding vehicles. Not just that, this feature also adds up the durability and efficiency of the Urbanite barricade. This means you can use the Urbanite Barricade in all weather conditions and it will withstand a range of variables in different project settings.

Blow Molded Connectors

Urbanite Barricades are sturdier and more flexible than other commercial panels mainly because all connectors are blow molded. That means you'll be able to connect many Urbanites to safely the guide pedestrians around dangers near work zones or help direct foot traffic during large events.

It has a maximum size of 38” in tall, 72” in length, and 3” in thick; while its maximum weight is 23 lbs. Made from high-density polyethylene that's UV stabilized in orange and white, rest assured that it's environment friendly. The top surface of the barricade wall offers a smooth finish, and easy to use hand rail, while the connectors are blow molded for better strength and efficiency. There are ten molded-in vertical windows that offer better wind control and the two low profile steel Urbanite “T-Legs” swivel promotes easy transportation and storage.

There are two receiver holes, one on each wall, as well as two shelves that give full support to the installation of barricade lights. These shelves ensure that there won't be much rotation of barricade lights when used. The four molded-in stacking lugs allow easy stacking and transport.
  • Two steel T-Legs for fast setup
  • UV stabilized
  • Weighs 23 lbs; double walled, and non-flexible
  • Ten molded-in vertical windows lessen wind load and add strength to the barrier
  • Two recessed area for messages and legend; making it perfect for advertisements purposes or sponsorship

The Leading Supplier Of Urbanite Crowd Control Barricades

With so many industrial and commercial applications for the Urbanite Barricade, it can be difficult to understand if the Urbanite Barricade is right for you and how many sections you will need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the perfect Grabber Cone for any project or application.

Give our trusted experts a call when you are ready to find the traffic safety supplies you need. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions to your problem, and our commitment to speedy delivery will have your traffic safety products delivered to you in no time. Contact us today to learn more!

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