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8' Solid Plastic Speed Bump

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Safe and easy for one person to transport and install, our eight-foot solid plastic speed bump has yellow color molded in during manufacturing. The 8-foot plastic speed bumps can be installed end-to-end to fit commercial parking lots and residential roads. Comes with a lifetime anti-breakage guarantee.

Fade-proof they resist damage from sun, chemicals, oil, and salt. Eight foot plastic speed bumps have pre-drilled recessed bolt holes. Measures 8 feet long 10 inches wide and the highest part of the speed bump is 2 inches tall. Choose from 4 installation methods - bumps includes mounting hardware.

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Green Benefits:

Our 8' speed bump is made from 100% post Consumer Recycled Plastic Resin and is LEED qualified. Each 6 foot plastic speed bump prevents approximately 176 milk jugs from going into America's landfills

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  • 4/28/2022

    I purchased and installed 6 of these plastic speed bumps thus far on our campus and they are working well in slowing traffic and are holding up to 1,000 vehicles a day going over them, including multiple delivery trucks daily.

  • 3/28/2018

    Fast service. I went on your website and found what I needed. I place my order and my order was delivered in a very timely manner. Will definitely order from them again.

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