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6' Solid Plastic Speed Bump

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Safe and easy for one person to transport and install, our six-foot solid plastic speed bump has yellow color molded in during manufacturing. The 6-foot plastic speed bumps can be installed end-to-end to fit commercial parking lots and residential roads. Comes with a lifetime anti-breakage guarantee.

Fade-proof they resist damage from sun, chemicals, oil, and salt. Six foot plastic speed bumps have pre-drilled recessed bolt holes. Measures 6 feet long 10 inches wide and the highest part of the speed bump is 2 inches tall. Choose from 4 installation methods - bumps includes mounting hardware.

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Green Benefits:
Our 6' speed bump is made from 100% post Consumer Recycled Plastic Resin and is LEED qualified. Each 6 foot plastic speed bump prevents approximately 132 milk jugs from going into America's landfills

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Mounting Hardware Options:

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  • 3/18/2022

    great product, easy to install

  • 9/18/2021

    Rugged, easy to install, arrived complete and ready to go. A neighbor and I bought several sets to slow down traffic on our private lane. After 4 months use and obvious success (traffic slower and less traffic due to fewer strangers taking a “short cut” ) the several others bought in. Now our speed limit is “conversational.” Note that I tested another cheaper product for a few months prior to this purchase that did not stand up to the wear and tear.

  • 5/4/2021

    Working great slowing down traffic on our campground roadways

  • 4/19/2019

    Great product at a great price. Arrived in a timely fashion.

  • 8/18/2018

    Very solid and heavy, no doubt it willl hold up. Spikes hold them down to the gravel road just fine.

  • 6/21/2018

    Got the item quickly, installed easily, and dog is inside the gate now.

  • 10/26/2017

    Everything was delivered timely and on time..Even follow up from customer care department. Highly recommended.

  • 9/18/2017

    5 Stars! Is there a 6th star?!! Delivery was super fast and customer service should be the model for any business. My products (parking stops/car stops) installed in about 30 minutes

  • 6/19/2017

    speed bumps and signs. perfect service , ordered on a sunday evening and arrived wednesday morning!!

  • 3/20/2017

    Great service, got the speed bumps in 3 days. can't beat that!!!!

  • 7/6/2015

    "Quick delivery and reasonably priced."

  • 7/22/2013

    We just received the speed bumps we ordered. Thanks very much for your excellent service and being able to work this order out for us.

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