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Mini Rubber Speed Hump Middle Section

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The new Mini Recycled Rubber Speed Humps are for those applications 'right between' a full sized Speed Hump, that slows vehicles to between 15-10 MPH, and a Speed Bump that slows vehicles to between 5-10 MPH.

These Mini Speed Humps are 24" across, so the bump is more aggressive than the standard speed humps that are 36" across. However, they are more gentle than a 10" to 12" widths of Speed Bumps.

At 20" wide, these Mini Speed Hump Middle Sections can span extended distances quickly.

Optional 8" End Cap Kits (sold separately) add a professional look and feel to the installation.

Made from 100% Recycled Rubber with reflective yellow stripes, these are the perfect speed hump for that 'in between' application.

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Customer Reviews (1)

  • 5/25/2022

    The description was clear and the items were as described.

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