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Overview of Class 2 Safety Vest

The Traffic Safety Store is the nation’s leading supplier of construction and roadway safety products. Our Class 2 safety vests are crucial to ensure the safety of work in roads and construction sites. We carry a full range of class 2 safety vests to cover the needs of several industries.

Our clients use our class 2 safety vests to increase their visibility under inclement weather conditions or diverting attention from approaching vehicles that are traveling up to 50 miles per hour. A few of the industries that we serve include:

  • - Construction workers
  • - Utility and survey crews
  • - Traffic police
  • - Railway workers
  • - Surveyors
  • - School crossing guards
  • - Airport ground crews

Class 2 safety vests are ideal for both day and night use, and anywhere visibility is a priority. Our selection includes a broad range of styles and uses cases. Most forms are available in high visibility orange, green, and yellow colors so you can find the best solution for your specific needs.

No matter what industry you serve, you will love the selection of Class 2 safety vests. We carry high-quality Class 2 safety vests that are made of lighter weight materials and offer additional options to customize your orders based on your needs.

OSHA Requirements of Class 2 Safety Vests

Class 2 Safety Vests provide increased visibility for job sites and vehicle traffic hazard locations. Class 2 security vests are required by law for anybody working near or exposed to car traffic exceeding speeds of 25 mph.

OSHA sets additional requirements that Class 2 safety vests must meet. The Traffic Safety Store offers a range of Class 2 vests that address these requirements, including a minimum of:

  • - 775 square inches of background material.
  • - 201 square inches of retroreflective material.
  • - 12.2 linear feet of 1 3/3 inch tape.

Our clients enjoy our type 2 safety vests because they provide the visibility they demand in high traffic environments while also offering comfort and an open design.

Class 2 Safety Vests Made For Work

Workers who are regularly engaged in work in dynamic environments demand comfort and functionality. This is why we offer high-quality Class 2 safety vests with a broad range of options to help you and your work crews get more done in less time. Our premium class 2 safety vests provide additional functionality for users because our vests also include pockets that allow personnel to carry around extra tools, keys, and other equipment.

Along with convenient options, our Class 2 work vests are also designed for heavy duty and long lasting wear. All fabric edges are reinforced with thick trim, so your vests will resist normal wear and tear throughout the day.

  1. - High visibility yellow polyester mesh vest material.
  2. - The fabric is designed for tough duty and long lasting wear.
  3. - All fabric edges are reinforced with thick trim.
  4. - Heavy duty snap front, eight pockets including ID badge pocket and velcro attachments.
  5. - Rear pockets for plans for large size documents.

Our Class 2 Safety Vest Series

Lime ‘Brilliant’ Series

This series of Class 2 safety vests is a practical option for surveyors, inspectors, and multi-tasking jobs. This vest series is made to maximize pocket storage and provide visibility in the day, night, or foggy environments. A few of the key features offered by this vest includes:

  • - Maximum visibility with reflective tape and bright color schemes.
  • - Front zipper for easy use.
  • - Cell Phone/radio carrier built into the vest.
  • - Notebook holder and sewn-in pen holder.

Learn more about our Lime ‘Brilliant’ Series of class 2 safety vests here.

Premium Black Series Lime

The Premium Black Series Class 2 Safety Vest is made of Ultra-Cool™ polyester mesh with heavy duty black bottom to keep a professional look. A few of the featured details about this vest includes:

  • - Two lower outside cargo pockets with adjustable flaps and grommets.
  • - Right chest 2-tier 4-division pencil pocket.
  • - Inside lower left heavy-duty tablet (iPad) pocket with load-bearing strap.

Learn more about our Premium Black Series Lime Class 2 Safety Vests here.

Economy Black Series

Our Economy Black Series Lime Class 2 Safety Vest offers high-quality build and material at a great price point. This vest is an excellent choice for crews who demand a professional look at an affordable price. Some of the features that our clients love about these vests include:

  • - 100% polyester mesh material.
  • - Solid black polyester on lower front.
  • - Two lower front substantial patch pockets with flaps.
  • - Two large lower inside pockets.

Learn more about our Economy Black Series Class 2 Safety Vests here.

Economy Class 2 Mesh

If you or your crews work primarily in hot environments, then you will love our Economy Class 2 Mesh series of safety vests. These lightweight vests offer a breathable design that is perfect for work and comfort. Here are a few reasons that our clients say they love this series of safety vest:

  • - Mic tab on left shoulder
  • - Exterior pocket for radio/phone
  • - Front velcro closure

If you want a comfortable vest at an affordable price, you can learn more about our Economy Class 2 Mesh Safety vests here.

Economy Class 2 Knit Vest

This series of safety vest offers high-quality materials to meet your performance needs. Our Economy Class 2 Knit Vests offer a broad range of customization options to fit your needs.

  • - Mic tab on left shoulder
  • - Exterior pocket for radio/phone
  • - Front velcro closure

Learn more about our Economy Class 2 Knit Vest here.

Economy 6-Pocket Vest

Our Economy 6-Pocket Vest is perfect for workers who need to carry additional tools, keys, and other items with them throughout the day. Offering multiple pockets, you can easily take everything you need and quickly access the things you need without any hassle. Here are a few reasons our customers love this series of Class 2 Safety Vests:

  • - 100% polyester mesh material with solid polyester pockets.
  • - Two lower outside patch pockets with flaps.
  • - Left chest 4-division pocket.
  • - Right chest 2-division pocket.
  • - Two inside patch pockets.

Learn more about our Economy 6-Pocket Vest here.

Velcro Adjustable Mesh Vest

The Velcro-adjusted Class 2 Safety Vest can comfortably adjust to fit three sizes so that this vest can be shared among different employees or over thick layers of clothing. The vest is made from solid lime mesh, so it is ideal for outdoor work and activities with lots of movement. Here are a few reasons our clients love this series of safety vests:

  • - Adjustable Velcro waist straps.
  • - Three large Velcro pockets: (2) exterior pockets and one (1) interior
  • - Exterior notepad container with sewn-in pen slots
  • - Front velcro closure

If you are interested in this versatile and durable safety vest, then learn more about the Velcro Adjustable Mesh Vest Class 2 Safety Vest here.

Easily Customize Your Class 2 Safety Vests

Since The Traffic Safety Store serves customers from all industries across the world, we know that you demand customized options for your safety vests. This is why we offer no setup charges and no minimum orders for custom lettering or logos.

This means that you can use ad custom text or a logo to a class 2 safety vest quickly and easily. We just need the desired text or the logo you would like to add to the vest. Your logo file needs to be sent to us as a (.tiff), (.jpeg), (.psd), (.ai), (.eps), and (.pdf). If you would like to receive additional information on how you can customize your class 2 safety vests you can call our customer service team at 1-800-429-9030.

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