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Our Clover-Leaf tubes are made of poly-urethane and poly-ethylene, two of the toughest flexible polymers on the market today. Poly-urethane provides high tensile and elongation properties, with superior resistance to tearing and puncture.

Delineator polymer maintains its flexibility to -50° F, and its toughness during exposure to fuels, oils and grease.

Reboundable Delineator Posts

The Traffic Safety Store is the leading supplier of traffic safety equipment in the United States, and we are proud to offer the perfect Reboundable Delineator posts for your construction or project needs. This delineator post is ideal for alerting drivers, pedestrians, and motorists to work risks, striping, parking lot, traffic control, resurfacing, and much more.

The Reboundable Delineator Post is surface-mounted with UV protected polymer that adds to its durability and makes it fade resistant. It also comes with high-visibility sheeting offering 360-degree reflectivity that it can easily be noticed even a few miles away. Posts are connected to a movable hinge with two bolts that are attached to a surface-mounted base.
  • 42” Clover-Leaf Road Marker
  • 36” Clover-Leaf Road Marker
  • 28” Flat Face Delineators

  • Durable Design Engineered To Last

    Additionally, our Delineator Posts are made from the strongest poly-urethane and poly-ethylene materials compared to the conventional ones because it is equipped with a rebound able polymer base that's known to be three times more elastic.

    The patented Boomerang base doesn't absorb the impact but transfers the stress from the post to the base. This makes the delineator post more durable and free from cracking or splitting

    Improve Safety With Delineator Posts

    Rest assured that our Delineator Post has met all the necessary state requirements for two-way, two-lane delineation. It can be used in work zones, concrete, islands, parking lots, gore zones, barriers, and even bridges. Aside from that, here are some of its main features:
    • High-quality polymer base that's free from cracking nor splitting.
    • Meets all the requirements and standards set for two-way, two-lane delineators.
    • Three times more flexible than a regular rubber base.
    • Perfect for concrete barriers, work zones, islands, parking lots, gore zones, bridges, and anywhere that needs to alert the public.
    • The rebound able base is connected with two-zinc plated Nyloc Nuts and Hex Bolts.
    • Great mobility can be enjoyed because of the delineator post design, markers, and channelizers. It also offers rebound ability and stability of panels, signs, and tubes.
    • High-Visibility colors to choose from: yellow, white, and orange. Other colors are also available upon request.
    • Main Material of the Tube: High-density PE that's 100% recycled and UV stabilized.
    • Base Material: Specially formulated polymer combined with eco-friendly materials.
    • Bolt-Down Plate Material: 100% recycled ABS.

    Where To Use Our Reboundable Delineator Posts

    Delineator Posts are originally made to serve as a guide during traffic, and not a form of destruction to pedestrians and drivers. They convey a nonverbal message instructing the public to “please go this way,” and avoid whatever should be prevented.

    Just like a lot of traffic posts, these delineators are known to be very reflective and visible at night. Furthermore, they could also alert the motorists in case that there's changing road conditions due to the presence of structures, such as guardrails. The most common use of delineators is to notify a motorist if a guardrail is present alongside a curving road to prevent accidents. These are usually installed atop the rail for maximum visibility, especially with passing vehicles.

    All delineator posts coming from our store include surface-mount posts, flexible soil, rebound able traffic channelizers, barricades, pedestrian devices, barricades, water-filled barriers, glare screens, and some specialty products that can be used together with the reboundable delineator post. Product applications can include, but not limited to:
    • Parking lots and parking structures
    • Public and private roadways
    • Airports
    • Facilities with traffic-management needs

    Reboundable Delineators Are An Affordable, Yet Effective Solutions

    Most delineators are made of wood and steel, the problem with these types is the fact that although they can be cost effective, they also degrade quickly and susceptible to rust and water damage.

    Additionally, once these delineators get struck by a vehicle, there's a huge risk that they'll get deformed or completely damaged. Although some would say that steel and wood are durable, you have to consider that they can also be expensive than plastic, especially if we're talking about reboundable posts. Plastic posts also cause less damage to the vehicle or pedestrian during impact, and that's why they're preferable.

    Installation is also fairly simple that there's no need to call for professional help. Unlike steel and wood posts that usually need to be permanently placed into the ground, where you have to dig a hole before installation, rebound able posts are equipped with reflexive anti-twist technology that triggers the post to bend during impact and flex back to their original position after.

    We Are The Leading Experts & Providers Of Reboundable Delineator Posts

    With so many industrial applications for Reboundable Delineator Posts, it can be difficult to understand the type of Reboundable Delineator Posts you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the Reboundable Delineator Posts for any project or application.

    Give our trusted experts a call when you are ready to find the best safety supplies you need. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions to your problem, and our commitment to speedy delivery will have your traffic safety products delivered to you in no time. Contact us today!

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