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Case of 36 - Orion 20-Minute Road Flares

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Orion 20 Minute Red Flares are the most popular road safety flares among police officers, firefighters, and the general public, as they are economical and reliable.
They work in every emergency scenario and are highly visible under any weather condition. Plus, this flare is super easy to use.

  • Specified and approved by the Bureau of Explosives and Underwriters Laboratories
  • Orion flares from TrafficSafetyStore.com burn in all weather conditions
  • Thirty-Six (36) flares per case
  • Choose With or Without Wire Stand

Orion 20 Minute Road Flares are Proudly made in the USA!

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How do I light an Orion Highway Flare?

Orion Safety Flares are easy light and safe to use.

Flare Lighting Instructions

1) Remove plastic lid to expose scratch sticker on the cap.

2) Twist and remove the cap, exposing the black flare igniter button.

3) Gently press the black ignitor button against the scratch sticker on the cap, strike away from your face and body. Aim downward.


Once the emergency flare is ignited, carefully place it on the ground (do not drop). Do not hold the flare in an upright position as molten residue from the combustion process will burn if it drips on your hand.

Customer Reviews (4)

  • 10/11/2021

    Just what we needed. Excellent product and very fast processing and shipping.

  • 9/6/2021

    I expected 30 Min flares for that price!

  • 6/19/2021

    order arrived quickly thank you

  • 3/24/2021

    every body who travels needs to have some of these just in case