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Stop/Slow & Stop/Stop Paddles

The Traffic Safety Store offers a wide variety of high-quality Stop/Slow & Stop/Stop Paddles that are ideal for guiding the crossing guards, children, and others who are on the road as it notifies them if there are oncoming motorists under all situation and weather condition-- be it day or night.

These easy to carry, double-sided paddles have a “SLOW” or “STOP” feature imprinted in huge letters to help you and your work crew direct traffic as necessary. The paddle also comes with a 3M Diamond Grade reflective sheeting, and it offers high visibility during the day, and especially at night.

  • The double sided STOP/SLOW sign paddles are made using premium quality aluminum that's tarnish free, lightweight, and rugged.
  • For better visibility, 6” high letters are used in these paddles so that it can easily be seen even if miles away.
  • Offers greater visibility than other stop signs as it's manufactured with a 3M HIPD diamond grade fluorescent orange reflector.
  • Our signs have been used by a lot of school authorities, police departments, and road crews.

Highly Durable and Offers Maximum Safety

Our Stop/Slow Paddles were made using durable, non-tarnish material and have blunt edges. The paddle has a measurement of 18” and 24” with a handle made of hardwood. You can also choose between non-reflective and reflective depending on your preference.

This stop/slow paddle is also perfect for all kinds of construction projects where maximum visibility is outstanding. The sturdy handle helps make the paddle easy to handle and visible as possible. As for the sign face, it's made using premium grade aluminum and available in both reflective and nonreflective surfaces. The plastic staff has a non-skid rubber end cap that can easily be detached when you have to store it.

The Stop/Slow Paddles are available in 2 sizes: 18” and 24”. Likewise, we also have different kinds of handles that would surely be ideal for your needs.

  • Visible from up to a mile away.
  • Lightweight, so your work crew can use for hours at a time.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • With the 3M diamond grade reflective sheeting, you'll always be highly visible.
  • Available in 18” and 24” face.
  • Comes with push button activation and function control.
Despite that it's a small instrument, it can be of great help for those who are working on the road and have to temporary control traffic. It serves as a central traffic-control device that can prevent dangerous situations from occurring. Likewise, it's also responsible for ensuring the safe movement of both pedestrians and motorists.

When to Use Stop/Slow Paddles

Stop/Slow paddles are ideal for guiding and protecting road crews to ensure that everyone stays safe while in the work zone. Additionally, the octagonal paddles are also two-sided; where one side is red, while the other side is white with the word “Stop” in 6 inches high letters. These STOP/SLOW paddles are also MUTCD certified.

On the other side, the word “SLOW” is written in black and 6 inches in height, while the background color is hi-vis orange. These paddles are made using lightweight materials, and semi-rigid plastic. You can choose between 18” and 24” for the size, and it can either have a reflective or nonreflective surface area.

Our store also offers the 10” handles and the 5” high staffs. Both of these are made using smooth hardwood, and only 1” in diameter, that holding it won't be an issue at all.

  • Police/ fire traffic control.
  • Crossing guard awareness programs.
  • Highway construction projects.
  • Commercial roadway trimming operations.
  • Utility company service operations.

Colors and Letters

To ensure that it would be able to notify the moving vehicles right away, the lettering on the stop and slow paddles are six inches high. The lettering is in black, with a red background for stop and orange background for slow. Rest assured that the paddles being sold in our store have met the guidelines set by the federal law.

Night Use

Our STOP/SLOW Paddles are perfect for night-time use because of the retroreflective film it contains. We can assure you that no matter how dark it is within the area, your STOP/SLOW paddle would still be highly visible to motorists.

The Leading Supplier Of The Stop/Slow & Stop/Stop Paddles

With so many industrial and commercial applications for the Stop/Slow & Stop/Stop Paddles, it can be difficult to understand the type of Stop/Slow & Stop/Stop Paddles you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the perfect Stop/Slow & Stop/Stop Paddles for any project or application.

Give our trusted experts a call when you are ready to find the traffic safety supplies you need. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions to your problem, and our commitment to speedy delivery will have your traffic safety products delivered to you in no time. Contact us today to learn more!

Five Options of STOP/SLOW paddles to choose from:
  • 18" Non-Reflective
  • 18" Engineer Grade Reflective
  • 24" Non-Reflective
  • 24" Engineer Grade Reflective
  • 24" High Intensity Reflective

  • Two Options of STOP/STOP paddles to choose from:
    • 18" Non-Reflective
    • 18" Engineer Grade Reflective

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