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36" Sewn Checkered Airport Flag

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Attach these 36-inch sewn-in checkered nylon flags to make a forklift, bulldozer, crane or other heavy equipment stand out. Required and approved by the FAA for airport use, these visual markers come with an attached wooden handle.

36" Sewn Checkered Airport Flag

The 36” orange and white sewn checkered airport flag available in our store is proven to be durable. Made of heavy-duty nylon coated vinyl material and have met the standards set by the FAA for operating a vehicle on the airfield or positioned at the top of a crane operating within the hazardous airspace of the airport.

Rest assured that these 3' x 3' airfield and construction safety flags are FAA approved and can be used at airport construction job sites. This flag is perfect for marking the airport vehicles, as well as the airfield job sites because they are highly visible.

These bright white and orange checkered flags would last for several years as heavy 200 denier nylon was used during the manufacturing of these. Aside from being utilized in airport construction job sites, these safety flags also work great in marking of taxiways, tall structures, such as crane booms, and stranded airport equipment. It also features a sewn pocket that can hold a 1” diameter wooden dowel or panel.

Made For Maximum Safety and Visibility

To prevent accidents in or around airports, it's important that the vehicles in the airport operation area are easy to identify. For that purpose, vehicle safety flags should be attached to the respective vehicle for it to stay in compliance with the FAA.

Unlike other types of flags that are rectangular, aviation flags are square flags. These are usually 36 inches by 36 inches to ensure that they remain highly visible to planes in the sky, as well as to those who are on the ground.

The checkered orange and white airport flags are utilized to provide the needed visual at the airport to protect the safety of those who are involved.

In such a case that there's a vehicle of any kind in the AOA, it should have a FAA flag attached to, so that it would remain highly visible to everyone. Additionally, the flag should be at least 3 feet by 3 feet in size and contains a checkered pattern of orange and white. For it to be FAA approved, it should strictly follow the format implemented.

How To Choose The Right Checkered Airport Flag

Selecting a FAA flag isn't that difficult at all because there aren't any options that you have to pay attention to. For one, there's no need to select a certain size or color combination. The only decision you'll have to make is where to buy the flag.

If airport barricades are being used, the aviation flag can be utilized differently. In these situations, the orange and white flag can be alternating in color. With these safety flags, fewer barricades would be used because there would already be enough visibility coming from these brightly colored flags.

Where To Use Checkered Airport Flags

It doesn't matter if it's vehicle safety flags or flags to use with barricades, both are essential in an airport. You'll never know when a vehicle is going into the AOA or when a barricade must be set up on a runway. That's why it's important to have these airport safety flags always handy. The absence of these flags could lead to accidents, injuries, and even death. That's why the FAA has strict regulations regarding these flags.

Since flags eventually break down after a specific length of continual use, or when it's always exposed to the elements, replacing them is very important.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly in an airport, there are some safety measures that you should follow. One of which that's overlooked by most travelers is the importance of securing airport construction zones. Taxiways or runways are regularly under construction due to the number of aircraft landing on a regular basis. That's why this factor should not be ignored.

As we talk about securing a hazardous airport work zone, it's very crucial that the airport managers follow these two important steps: 1. Barricade the area being worked on; 2. The airfield vehicle safety flags should always be visible.

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    Good product, good transaction! The flags I ordered were delivered just as described and on time, would definitely buy from them again!

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    FAA Warning Flags - The price was quite reasonable on these FAA warning flags and they shipped within two hours after the order was placed. It would be very difficult to get better service.

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    Great Service I ordered flags from here. Shipped quick and got the job done.

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    This was my first experience purchasing items from Traffic Safety Store and if in the future - and based on this experience, there will be a future - I have need of more of their products, I will not hesitate to purchase from them again. Excellent, prompt service, as well as an excellent product. Thank you Traffic Safety Store.

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