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Flags and Paddles

To ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists, it's essential to have a traffic control plan for the movement of vehicles, especially in areas where there are workers nearby. Drivers, workers on foot, and pedestrians should be able to see and understand the routes they have to follow.

In many construction and roadway projects, temporary redirection of traffic is necessary to maintain a safe and productive working environment. In these situations, flags and paddles are often needed to direct oncoming traffic around hazardous conditions or keep the motorists and vehicles away from possible road accidents.

Signs Specifically Made for Roadway and Construction Projects

When it comes to controlling traffic, the use of temporary traffic control zones, hand-signaling devices, such as red flags, STOP/SLOW, and lights work great. The STOP/SLOW paddles are more driver-friendly than the traditional red flags as it gives them the positive guidance they need, and that's why it's preferred as the primary hand-signaling device.

To meet the standards, a combination of this sign should be made using the light semi-rigid material, and it should be octagonal. For the STOP face, the background should be red with white borders and letters. To ensure that it would be readable, the paddles could be with one or two equally positioned flashing white high-intensity lamps on both sides.

For better visibility, the background of the SLOW face should be in orange color and the letters in black. When used during the night, the STOP/SLOW paddle must be retro reflectorized just like with the other signs.

Warning Flags For Emergency Situations

Warning flags should only be used during emergency situations or when there are low-speed and low-volume locations that can easily be controlled by a single flagger. If the flag is going to be used for signaling, it should be at least 24 inches square and made from high-quality material and red.

If possible, try to fasten it to a staff that's around 3 feet long. As for the free edge, it should be weighted down so the flag would be able to hang vertically despite high winds. When used at night, always opt for retro-reflective red.

The Right Time to Use Our Flags and Hand Paddles

The good thing about our paddle is that you can use it in different applications, such as for churches, schools, emergency organizations, and construction zones. Crossing guards can utilize the stop/slow paddle to direct the pedestrians when crossing the street at busy intersections.

For companies that manage a construction zone, a stop/slow paddle could be of great help in case there has been a traffic accident. These paddles are equipped with reflective properties that could easily capture one's attention, and the bold UV print delivers the message to both pedestrians and drivers.

The ultra-light paddles available in our store comes with a non-slip handle. It's also UV printed, assuring you that it will last for a long time. As for the basic paddle, it should have attention-grabbing reflective borders, and if needed, you can even upgrade it to a fully-reflective model. No need to hold this paddle all day either, as you can just insert it in a 2-inch PVC pipe.

With the Ultra-Light Traffic Control Paddle, you'll only be getting the best as it's designed, and manufactured in the US. This paddle can be customized depending on your needs and perfect for school districts and organizations.

Equipment and Suggestions for Flaggers

As much as possible, flaggers and other officers providing traffic control should wear high visibility clothing while in service. By doing so, they will be well protected from passing vehicles as they can be easily seen even if they're 1,000 feet away. Always make it a habit to check the label or packaging of the high visibility clothing you're going to buy, and make sure that it's either in class 2 or class 3.

As for motorists, they should be warned with signs that there will be a flagger ahead. It's the responsibility of a flagger to use STOP/SLOW paddles with lights or flags that provide adequate visibility for oncoming traffic and work crews in a work zone.

The Leading Supplier Of The Flags & Paddles

With so many industrial and commercial applications for the Flags & Paddles, it can be difficult to understand the type of Flags & Paddles you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the perfect Flags & Paddles for any project or application.

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