Frequently Asked Questions

Must I be present at my home or business when delivery is made?

The Traffic Safety Store uses two methods for shipping, UPS Small Package (the people in brown vans) or a LTL (“Less Than Truckload” - aka ‘a tractor trailer’) carrier like UPS Freight or ABF freight.

If your order ships by UPS Small Package, UPS will try and deliver to you three (3) times, each time leaving a small slip to inform you that they were there. Unless requested otherwise, if no one is there to sign for the package, UPS may leave the box if it can be left in a place that is out of the weather and where it isn’t visible so that it won’t be stolen. This is a UPS policy and something over which we have no control. If, after three (3) attempts, the shipment still hasn’t been delivered, UPS will return your shipment to us.

If your shipment is too large for UPS Small Package, we will ship it by the most cost effective LTL carrier. If your shipment is coming by LTL, someone must be present to unload it and sign for the shipment. This is a standard trucking company policy and is something which we have no control over.

Please note that LTL deliveries are to the ‘tail end’ of the truck. This means that it is not the truck drivers job to lower the shipment to the ground or to get it off the back of the truck (you may get lucky and the driver will be nice and help, but you can’t count on that!). This means that for shipments coming LTL the customer needs to either have a loading dock or have access to a forklift to use to lower the shipment to the ground. If you don’t have either of these, please call us so we can quote you delivery by a truck with a hydraulic liftgate. (It’s easy and only takes us a minute to figure out what the trucking company will charge for this service.)

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Is a business I operate from home considered a residential delivery?

Whether an address is classified as Commercial or Residential is entirely up to the delivery company (i.e. UPS or trucking company) and is entirely beyond our control.

Please note that this has more to do with where the building is located than with what goes on inside the building. As a result, a business operated from a building that is in a neighborhood made up of buildings where people live is going to be considered “Residential” and we have to charge for shipping accordingly.

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I am purchasing your LED Barricade Flashers, would you please explain to me what a Photocell is?

A photocell is a device that detects light and dark.

The purpose of these devices on barricade flashers is to automatically turn the flasher off when the sun is up, minimizing unnecessary operation. This translates to longer battery life, saving time and money spent changing batteries.

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What is the difference between a Speed Bump & Speed Hump?

Speed BUMPS and speed HUMPS are similar products in that they are raised road surfaces to act as traffic calming devices, slowing the rate at which vehicles pass over them. The difference between them is simply the speed which vehicles will travel over them.

Speed BUMPS are more aggressive than HUMPS so that drivers will need to slow down to between 2 to 5 miles per hour to cross them. Generally, it is not legal to install a speed BUMP on a public road* as they are intended for driveways, parking lots, drive thru lanes and private roads.

Speed HUMPS are less aggressive than speed BUMPS, so drivers do not have to slow down as much. Most drivers will be comfortable driving over a speed HUMP at a speed of between 10 to 20 miles per hour. Since they were designed to be installed on public roads* they are suitable for neighborhoods, alleys, and access roads to hospitals, schools or shopping centers.

* Please consult your state and/or local ordinances before installing.

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Why do you offer the Parking blocks in several sizes?

In light of the fact that different regions of the country configure their parking lots and parking blocks in their own unique ways, and the fact that the Traffic Safety Store ships products to every state in the United States, we carry parking blocks in different sizes, shapes and materials in order to serve all our customer’s needs.

While the type and size parking block you install is generally not specified by a particular government agency, you may want to check with your local building inspector before installing parking blocks.

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What hardware will I need for my installation?

For parking blocks and speed bumps/humps, we offer three types of mounting hardware.

  • Galvanized Steel Spikes - either 12” or 18” for asphalt or gravel only
  • Lag bolts and anchors - either for asphalt or concrete only
  • Wedge Bolts - for concrete only

Due to the fact that speed bumps are not as tall as parking blocks, the length of the bolts above is shorter for speed bumps than for blocks. Spikes are the same length regardless of whether they are for blocks or bumps/humps.

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Alabama Tax Disclaimer

Seller has collected the simplified sellers use tax on taxable transactions delivered into Alabama and the tax will be remitted on the customer's behalf to the Alabama Department of Revenue. Seller's program account number is SSU-R010356153.

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