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Delineator Tubes

Traffic Safety Store carries a large selection of Delineators including Delineator Tubes and Delineator Posts in a variety of styles and colors. Our Delineators are IN STOCK and ready for immediate delivery. Each delineator tube style comes with a choice of base weights and has an option to add reflective collars to the delineator post.

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What Are Delineator Posts?

Delineator posts are used to alert pedestrians, motorists and drivers to work risks, parking lot traffic control, striping or resurfacing, areas and border limits protect people and to be able to prevent injuries.

Delineators are particularly useful at locations where the alignment might be confusing or sudden, for example at lane-decrease curves and transitions. Delineators are very powerful guidance devices during the night and adverse weather.

An essential advantage of Delineators in specific places is they stay visible when the roadway is wet or snow covered. Delineator posts are considered guidance devices, and may also be used on long continuous sections of highway or through short stretches of road.

Another common use for delineator posts is at roadway junctions and bridge entrances, parking lots, buildings, shopping malls, gas stations, special events and construction zones. Delineator posts are usually used in areas to help direct traffic and guide pedestrians rather than to signal danger in construction zones.

Delineator Posts: A History Of Evolution For Performance

Delineator posts have been engineered into lightweight, highly visible and versatile traffic security products. There are some variations that exist for different applications, and there are numerous uses for these long-lasting reflective posts.

Initially, delineator posts were frequently made of metal and wood, making them cumbersome and expensive. Since they were made of materials that were prone to breaking, the first iterations of delineator posts were one-use-only products.

As vehicular technology improved, leading to traffic volumes and higher speeds, a need emerged for channelization and more exact routing. Today’s delineator tubes are made of durable polymers and plastics, in which some designs can resist damage from impacts of oncoming vehicles traveling below 50 MPH.

Retro-reflective adhesives are applied to make these posts exceptionally visible in both days- and nighttime driving conditions. Moreover, the utilization of these substances makes modern delineators far more cost effective- based on life cycle costs, than their elderly counterparts.

Different Delineator Post Variations For Different Uses

Delineator places include various color, foundation, sheeting and height choices. The Traffic Safety Store offers a range of high-quality delineator posts with a variety of customizable options for your needs.

As warning indicators to identify changes in road alignment or to confine turns, common uses for posts include channelization of traffic in work zones.

Since road construction has become a highly advanced science, the apparatus used in keeping roadway users safe has adapted suitably. They're durable versatile, and additionally, cost-effective to install and maintain.

Delineator tubes are used as guides rather than safety notifications. While they are used in a range of environments, some of the ways that delineator posts are used include:

  • - At multilane junctions where added visibility is obligatory for the marking of the traffic separator.
  • - Where the separator is obstructed because of crest vertical curves.
  • - At intersections where the alignment thru the intersection isn't straight.
  • - Where traditional adaptive delineators are continuously being replaced.
  • - Used to direct pedestrian traffic in crowded situations like concerts or sports stadiums.

The Different Types Of Delineator Posts For All Of Your Needs

Looper Tubes

Long-lasting delineator looper tubes are orange and advanced handle with a versatile loop-top design that facilitates easy application of caution tape or rope to increase usability for any situation.

  • - Brilliant orange loop top traffic delineator.
  • - The versatile diamond layout enables an individual to get a full, solid grip.
  • - The handle is tapered to raise strength and add durability under harsh conditions.
  • - Unique handle shape readily adapts caution rope or tape.
  • - Features a mounting hole and anti -rotate ledge for barricade lights.
The Traffic Safety Store is an award-winning supplier of delineator looper tubes for customers across the nation. Looper Tubes come in Orange, Black, Yellow, Blue, White, Lime. Find out why our customers trust us today!
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Grabber Tubes

The Traffic Safety Store offers flexible orange Grabber Delineator tubes used to indicate the roadway alignment. The recessed sheeting area to minimize tears and scratches.

  • - Brilliant orange Knob traffic delineator at the top to quickly grab.
  • - Convenient knob top for portability and easy placement.
  • - Flexible and resilient under conditions that are rugged.
  • - The recessed area to guard sheeting.
  • - Lasting LDPE blend post.
  • - Flared bottom to admit any 4.5-inch fall over weighted rubber base.
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Our Channelizers are long-lasting, highly visible delineator with two bright 6" retro-reflective bands. It is created to assist station traffic and also to raise driver awareness of a work zone.

A molded knob style that is a top handle on top includes a mounting hole for mounting a barricade light and makes the device easy to carry and install. Constructed from durable, UV stabilized, polyethylene plastic for an extended service life.

  • - Durable 12 pounds rubber base.
  • - Molded flange on the underside for fixing the base, of the cone.
  • - Molded knob top style handle on top.
  • - The device is simple to carry and install.
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Guidance For Installing Delineator Posts

Traffic delineators are a helpful tool as they navigate steep sections of the roadway, to help guide motorists and pedestrians. Using delineators is permitted on any public roads that present drivers due to the shape of the road itself or the way a possible problem that the road intersects with a bridge or exit ramp. Traffic delineators were particularly useful in areas where darkness or snow may impede the motorist’s skill to view the borders of the trail.

Specific guidelines must be followed by road managers when installing traffic delineators. A few of these guidelines affect the style of the delineator itself, while its application is affected by others. For example, all delineators must possess a retro-reflective strip at least three inches broad. Furthermore, the color of the delineator must match the stripe color, which can be mandated by the law in particular regions.

There must be an individual delineator installed on the correct side of the freeway and one side of the interchange ramp. Nonetheless, you will find exceptions to this rule, for example in areas where the pavement is raised, where light is installed at all intersections, or in instances where other construction warning signs have been satisfied.

Private property owners may request that delineators are installed where their entry meets the public road. In such cases, at least three delineators have to be set up. However, the owner is accountable for installing the posts as well as their upkeep. Traffic delineators can be utilized on highways that need the constant demarcation of the roadway on both sides for traffic separation.

Delineator Tubes For Your Needs

Since The Traffic Safety Store serves customers from all industries across the world, we know that you demand the highest quality delineator tubes available on the market. This is why our award-winning customer service reps are here to help you identify your needs and recommend the best solutions today!

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