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3-Channel Cable Protector

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Interlocking male-female ends allow for continuous protection of virtually any length. No mounting hardware required - simply place the cable protector on the ground and lay hose or cable. Weight Bearing Capacity up to 44,000 lbs.

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Customer Reviews (1)

  • 10/9/2020

    Great product, heavy duty material. They told me the item since it is rubber it wouldn't slide of on pavement or concrete but it did. The first car moved it a few inches. Car stopped a few feet away and I had just finished installing it. I gave him the sign to proceed and he did not accelerate that much but as soon as the tires hit the hump the item slipped a little. Traffic Safety store told me this product wouldn't slide and that there was no way to anchor it because of the design but they where wrong on both instances. They do slide and they do have a way to anchor it. These item is made of a very durable rubber base, they assemble themselves with some ears they have integrated in them and that's where you could put some spike in. I purchased some spikes 10" long at Home Depot for .80 Cents a piece and drove them in the asphalt. After I did that the humps would not move any more. The top yellow plastic seems very durable, its also a bit flexible. Over all I really liked this product. O almost forgot I crossed a 1" rigid conduit through it. plenty of space, had 2 slots left over for future use.