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Barricade Lights

Barricade Lights For Your Traffic Control Needs

Traffic Safety Store has a full product-line of barricade lights to improve visibility and make work zone area safer for construction workers, equipment drivers, and surrounding traffic. Our barricade lights are the perfect solution that helps make your traffic control needs more efficient because our barrier lights can attach to a wide range of products.

Our barricade lights are designed for ease of use and application to a wide variety of traffic control equipment. You or your crew can simply these barrier lights on top of posts, traffic cones, bollards or some barricade to help ensure the safety of vehicles, pedestrians, bikers and building employees.

You will love our barrier lights because they provide the visibility your work zones need for maximum efficiency and safety of work crews. Some of the features our customers love about our barricade lights include:

  • - 23 Hour Complete Charge Time
  • - 9 Hour Charge (Flash), 7 Hour Cost (Steady)
  • - Exceeds ITE Standards and MUTCD Visibility Specifications
  • - Three Operation Modes: Flash, Constant-Burn, and Off
  • - Can run off of Solar Panels, Batteries or Both
  • - Photocell Technologies which toggles lights a-T dawn and dusk
  • - High-Quality Materials, designed to last in any circumstances.

When Are Barricade Lights Used?

In most cases, the material used on modern-day barriers offer enough visibility for most situations. However, reflective sheeting on barricades will only work if external lights like car headlights or other sources are pointed at the barricade. But many environments require signals to direct traffic like at night, in the rain, or other conditions.

Our barricade lights are completely compliant with standards set by the Manual on Uniform Traffic-Control Products along with the Institute of Traffic Engineers specifications for steady burn off and flashing warning lights.

A Range Of Barricade Lights For Any Situation

The most important part of any construction site is the safety of the crews and employees. This is why ensuring that your work area is marked throughout the day and night is essential to keeping a productive and safe working environment.

Your crew also needs a barrier light that will work when it needs to and your bottom line will benefit by using a barricade light that won’t cut out on your crew when they need it the most.

LED Barricade Lights

Our LED barricade lights are the cost-effective solution for anything you need from a barricade light. Our LED barricade light features an orange top-case plus a black bottom case.

  • - Type A flashing light for nighttime use.
  • - Use one 6 volt lantern battery or two.
  • - Batteries will last approximately 3 to 4 months.
  • - Moisture proof circuit.
  • - Will work under any weather conditions.
  • - Standard tamper proof is mounting bolt.
  • - Hi-Impact Polypropylene - UV stabilized.
  • - NCHRP-350 accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards.

Solar LED Barricade Flashers

Our solar LED barrier flashers feature a completely re-designed with durable and rugged copolymer structure for extended use.

  • - Internal solar panels trickle charge batteries to add life.
  • - Uses two or four "D" cell batteries.
  • - Two "D" cell batteries will last approximately eight months flashing.
  • - Four "D" cell batteries will last approximately 19 months flashing.
  • - Batteries drop into the light base, then snap into the case.
  • - Works under any weather condition.
  • - Rugged and durable copolymer case.

360-Degree Solar LED Flasher

Our durable and dependable 360-degree solar LED flasher barricade light is the perfect solution for work zones that need 360-degree visibility. These lights work great in all work zones but are particularly useful in projects like intersections and areas where heavy machines enter/exit an area from a typical traffic source.

  • - One of Our Brightest Solar Lights with an External Switch & 360 Degree Illumination
  • - Includes a Built-in Magnet Base, Super Reflective Casing, and a Durable On/Off Push Button
  • - Large On/Off Switch Works Well with Gloves On
  • - Automatically Turns On at Night with Internal Photo Cell, or On and Off Manually with Push Button
  • - Solar Powered
  • - The Battery Trickle Charges During the Day and Flashes in Dark Lit Areas / at Night

Save Time and Money With Our Barricade Lights

Our barricade lights are trusted by thousands of project managers just like you for their construction and traffic control projects. We offer a range of barrier lights to meet your needs, and each type of barrier light is tested to provide an extended infield life cycle.

Nothing is worse than setting up a set of barricade lights only to find out that the batteries are dead or that the equipment is damaged. This wastes time and money and can set your construction project behind schedule.

This is where these new solar barricade lights shine: having a combination of D-Cell batteries as well as a high-efficiency solar cell located on top of the unit, it is possible to count on these lights to have uninterrupted service throughout the lifespan of your project.

The solar technology works to keep the batteries inside the light charged, lasting 7 - 9 days on a full charge depending on which light mode you might be using.

Not only do our barrier lights integrate the latest technology for dependability, but they are also made to withstand the wear and tear seen on construction sites and from various weather conditions. The durability of our barrier lights doesn't diminish the ability of the barricade lights to operate solely on solar, on D Cell Batteries or a combination of the both.

With so many industrial applications for barricade lights, it can be difficult to understand the type of barricade light you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the perfect barricade light for any project or application.

Give our trusted experts a call when you are ready to find the best safety supplies you need. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions to your problem, and our commitment to speedy delivery will have your traffic safety products delivered to you in no time.