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500' Box of Plastic Chain (2" Links)

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Better than metal, these plastic chains are lightweight, durable and resist electric exposure. Can be strung from traffic cones, looper tubes, trees, or poles. Available in white, yellow, orange, black or blue. 500 feet per box. TrafficSafetyStore.com chain is produced in the USA using "state of the art" manufacturing and premium materials. The result is chain with a brighter, more consistent color that lasts longer. Our UV protection package is the industry leader. Made from DOW chemical's high-density polyethylene (HDPE), TrafficSafetyStore.com chain superior strength and finish. HDPE is durable, safe and resistant to many common chemicals. The 2" link size makes for an effective visual barrier.

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Customer Reviews (1)

  • 3/1/2021

    WE are using them at a Storage Rv Facility on a project to define each space and it looks wonderful!!