Traffic Safety

Although it hasn’t even come out yet, lawmakers already have their sights set on regulating Google Glass when it comes to driving.  They’re worried that this exciting futuristic device will add to the already growing technical distractions that plague drivers today.  Google has reassured it’s customers that it’s product can enhance the driving experience rather than hinder it. The questionRead More

Distracted Driving

It’s sad to say the more aware we are of the dangers of texting while driving, the more popular it becomes.  Over the past 10 years text messaging has become an acceptable form of mobile communication, and most of the time it’s preferred over anything else.  Cell phone carriers automatically include text message plans, and people are even beginning to abandon voicemailRead More


Today we are very excited to announce the launch of The safety Resource Center, the official blog of the Traffic Safety Store. This new blog will serve as an informational resource and knowledge center for anyone looking for information on traffic safety best practices, products, and the latest industry news. The focus of our content will include helpful specifications forRead More