November Sale Happening Now

As we approach the end of the year and colder weather, we want to go “ALL IN” with our November sale. So we are putting all delineator tubes, all jersey water barriers, all safety vests, and all JBC traffic cones on sale.   Picture of eight different types of delineator tubes.  

All Delineator Tubes On Sale

The Traffic Safety Store carries the largest selection of delineators and they are all on sale in November. We have nine different styles of delineator tubes – 3 are stackable and 2 that offer multiple colors. Each delineator tube style comes with a choice of base weights and has an option for with or without reflective collars.
  • Top Seller – Orange Looper tube, with 2 reflective collars and 12 lb. base – $22.45
  • Most color options – JBC Arch Top – orange, black, lime, green, blue, red, white, and yellow
  • Lowest price – Orange Looper tube with 8 lb. base – $15.40
  • All tubes can be customized with lettering  – no set-up fee and no minimum order size
    Picture of seven different colors of construction barriers.  

All Construction Barriers On Sale

The Traffic Safety Store offers four styles of jersey water barriers.  Yodock 2001MB barriers, Traffix Water Walls, Remcon jersey barriers, and Remcon construction barriers.  We have all barriers in stock and in multiple locations across the country to expedite delivery and minimize shipping costs.
  • Remcon Jersey barrier – orange or white – $378 each
  • Remcon Construction barrier – orange, white, dark blue, bright blue, lime, red, or yellow – $337.15 each
  • Yodock 2001MB – orange or white – $417.00 each
  • Traffix Water Wall – orange or white – $397.95
  • Remcon construction barriers and Yodock 2001MB barriers are also available with fence panels
    Picture of a variety of safety vests.

All Safety Vests On Sale

With over 50 styles of Kishigo vests to choose from, the Traffic Safety Store has a vest that will meet your needs and budget.  Select from Class 2, Class 3, Breakaway, and multiple colors.  Did you know… over 60% of our vests are purchased with lettering or a company logo!  We don’t charge a set-up fee and there is no minimum order size for customized vests.
  • Top seller – Brilliant Series HD vest – Lime, orange, or red – $18.40 each all sizes
  • Available vest colors – lime, orange, blue, red, pink, green, purple, and black
  • Custom lettering is available in black or reflective silver
    Picture of 28 inch black base cones.

All JBC Traffic Cones On Sale

New Lower prices on JBC orange traffic cones!  Check out all sizes and styles of orange cones for new sale prices.  JBC cones are the industry leader for traffic cones.  Despite the numerous knock-offs, JBC cones are your best bet for durability and value.
  • New prices on all 18″, 28″, and 36″ orange traffic cones
  • Top selling colored cone – Blue 28″ 7lb cone – $16.90 each
  • All 28″ and 36″ cones have the option for two reflective collars, one  reflective collar, or no collars