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May Sale

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Clearline Rubber Parking Blocks

Clearline Rubber Parking Blocks

Our 6′ rubber parking block from Clearline Manufacturing is made of 100% Recycled Rubber with Reflective Tape in 10 locations. Manufactured with Raised Edges to help protect the reflective tape. Build in Drainage Channels to allow water to flow rather than puddle against parking block. Countersunk holes for a clean installation and Easy 1-person installation.

6’ Clearline Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps<

6’ Clearline Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps<

The 6-foot rubber speed bump from Clearline safely slows car speeds to 2 to 5 mph. Five recessed bolt holes in the six foot rubber speed bump make it easy to install and remove. Made from recycled tires.

42” Looper Tubes

42 inch Looper Tubes

Looper Tubes are excellent for creating pedestrian barriers — the product has a 5-inch tall molded Looper handle to string plastic chain, barrier tape, OSHA-flags or our expandable Cone Bars. Used to bar hazard sites, guard newly laid asphalt, and for structuring ticket lines at ski resorts, concert venues, and other public areas.

JBC Black Base Cones

black base cones

Since Spring is the busiest time of year for traffic cones, we are keeping all of our JBC black base cones on sale. JBC cones offer the most size, weight, and color options to solve all of your safety needs.

REMCON Barriers

REMCON Barriers
  • 42″ tall x 78″ long x 24″ wide at base, narrowing to 10″ wide at the top
  • Useable length when interconnected to other Guardsafe Barricades is 72″
  • Approximately 100 lbs. each (empty weight)
  • Water Filled Barriers Weigh approx. 1,655 lbs filled with water
  • wo Colors to choose from – Hi-Viz Safety Orange or White
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