Traffic Safety

Are you suffering from sidewalk aggression?

The Wall Street Journal chronicled the question before.

Have you ever walked the streets of Philly, getting annoyed or even angry at innocent strangers, those a bit lagging?

It’s common.  So much so, one scientist theorizes there’s an existing ‘Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome.’

Would you be characterized as exhibiting ‘pedestrian aggressive’ behaviors?Read More

Traffic Safety

Yes!  Summer is finally here, and you’re ready to pack up your car and head to your closets shore point.  Before you pack that speedo and hop onto the highway–you need to remember to drive safely.  This coming holiday weekend is one of the deadliest traveling holidays during the year, and the statistics don’t lie.  You don’t want to be another tragic number this Memorial Day Weekend.Read More

Bicycle Safety

“I’d prefer to have gym class last.”

I wanted my high school counselor to modify my class schedule, so gym class would be later (preferably very last) rather than in the morning.

I was a high school student concerned with appearance.

Can you relate to such human tendencies?

I notice a number of Philadelphia peers biking to work, some trailing a load of perspiration (and odor) with them.Read More

Bicycle Safety


Sure, you may think that wearing a helmet looks kinda lame–but don’t!  Helmets save your life, and it’s the only thing  protecting you from a high speed collision with a car or the road.

There are plenty of reasons you should wear a helmet, and if you read this post and still think you’re too cool for one…then maybe you should get your head examined.Read More


It’s no secret that teenagers are posing a greater risk behind the wheel.  After all, various states implement different degrees of Cinderella licenses, and the growing problem of texting while driving is also making the road a little more dangerous.

That’s why teenage driving awareness is an important mission in this country.  May is National Youth Traffic Safety Awareness Month,Read More

Traffic Safety

Cities the world over host runs, and soon, the Broad Street Run will take place in Philadelphia, PA.

The occasion drives city fanfare, but similar to normal city conditions, traffic safety is a concern.  During special events, roads are blocked off and traffic patterns are modified, perplexing those who are not aware ahead of time.

How frustrated do you get when things don’t go as planned while driving?  Read More

Traffic Awareness

Wise-behind-the-wheel teens crashed into current headlines, championing their achievements in the fourth Teen Safe Driving Competition, sponsored by the Allegheny County Safe Driving Committee. Winners reaped fame and fortune, collecting prizes upward of $250 for top placements.

Students’ safe driving were gauged via safety-knowledge exams, perceptual aptitude trials, and a driving skills course. Allegheny Police, as well as PA state and county officials judged the event,Read More

Traffic Safety

There are plenty of traffic laws in the United States that are pretty reasonable.  Stopping at red lights, not going above the speed limit, and driving slower in school zones all sound like reasonable requests to me.

There are, however, a few laws around the country that are down right ridiculous.  Some involve the color of your car, while others mention sheep.Read More

Traffic Safety

Although it hasn’t even come out yet, lawmakers already have their sights set on regulating Google Glass when it comes to driving.  They’re worried that this exciting futuristic device will add to the already growing technical distractions that plague drivers today.  Google has reassured it’s customers that it’s product can enhance the driving experience rather than hinder it.

The question is,Read More

Distracted Driving

It’s sad to say the more aware we are of the dangers of texting while driving, the more popular it becomes.  Over the past 10 years text messaging has become an acceptable form of mobile communication, and most of the time it’s preferred over anything else.  Cell phone carriers automatically include text message plans, and people are even beginning to abandon voicemail all together.Read More